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Bing Announces AMP Pages for Mobile Search Results


Bing has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will now work directly from its mobile search results. “Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Bing AMP viewer and Bing AMP Cache enabling AMP-enabled web pages to work directly from Bing’s mobile search results allowing Bing to provide faster mobile experiences to Bing users.”- Source: […]


Google Rolls Out Shoppable Image Ads


Google is going to bring a new kind of advert enabling advertisers and marketers to show shoppable images on publisher websites. The image ads will appear on curated content from Google’s publishing partners. Advertisers can now get their product to the target audiences in an easy way. Google says a third of holiday shoppers look […]


YouTube Introduces Vertical Video Ads


Google is introducing vertical video ads on YouTube for TrueView and Universal App campaigns. The company says globally, more than 70% of YouTube watch time happens on mobile devices. It provides a more seamless mobile experience for viewers; YouTube now has an advertising solution that’s personalized to fit vertical videos. “Vertical video ads provide a […]


Digital Marketing August (2018) RoundUp


For marketers to be at the top of their marketing game, it’s essential to keep sorting through the latest and greatest in digital news updates. And, for those who have missed out on the recent updates being caught up in the month of August, we have brought this list including most of them. Let’s take […]


Facebook’s ‘Canvas Ad Type’ is now called ‘Instant Experience’


Facebook announced upgrading its mobile ad solution “Canvas” including more capabilities and though with a new name, “Instant Experience”. The canvas ad type was introduced 2 years ago and brings brands and products to life in a full-screen, post-click experience that loads almost instantly. Instant Experiences Details Instant Experiences can be used effectively by all […]


Bing Ads Introduces ‘Overview’ Tab and Report Download Updates


Bing Ads has introduced several updates designed to help advertisers save time by receiving a faster look at performance insights. These updates include: #1 Enhancements to inline download While you can already download reports from Campaigns page, you’ll now have the option to simultaneously save, schedule, and share them, all in one place. After you […]


Google Assistant to Speak More than One Language


Google made an update to its Google Assistant in which smart speakers and phones will enable users to speak more than one language to it at a time. The Assistant used to support for multiple languages on earlier chances. Although, it could only speak and understand one language per session. If a user wanted to […]


YouTube Rolling Out Non-Skippable Ads to All Creators


YouTube is rolling out non-skippable ads on its platform to all creators to monetize their content and earn more revenue. The change is rolling out next week and qualified creators will get a notification in their dashboards when they’re able to run non-skippable ads. YouTube plans to add a tool to allow creators bulk add […]


Instagram is Testing Recommended Posts to Show in Users Feeds


Instagram is here again with a new update in which it mentioned that recommended posts in the user’s feed will be displayed from accounts, they don’t follow. Instagram’s “Recommended For You” posts will appear on basis of accounts followed by users and photos and videos liked by them. Currently, this procedure is considered a “test” […]


Facebook will Remove 5000+ Ad Targeting Options


Facebook is all set with its plans to remove more than 5,000 ad targeting options to stop discriminatory advertising practices. According to Facebook, reducing the risk of discrimination is more imperative than continuing to offer ways to reach customers. Although a complete list of targeting options to be removed was not published. However, there are […]


Facebook Releases Tools for Creating Mobile Video Ads


Facebook has introduced a set of tools to help advertisers create ads that are ideal for mobile devices. The new video creation tools will allow advertisers to convert existing images and text assets into mobile-first video ads with ease. 1) Video Creation Kit The Video Creation Kit allows you to turn existing image and text assets into […]


Google Adds a New Tab to Its GMB Posts


Google has included a tab to its local search that is dedicated to Google My Business posts. The tab is going to display for businesses that have used GMB to publish their posts. To be noted that all businesses having a GMB page don’t use posts feature and thus “Posts” won’t be found in all […]


Google Brings New Sort of Featured Snippets


Google brought a new sort of featured snippet which shows the information details about a topic in more depth. As Google used to show featured snippets for individual topics, now it will show a featured snippet focusing on differences or similarities between two things. Searchers will be able to utilize drop-down tabs to further discover […]


Pinterest Rolls Out Promoted Videos at Max. Width


Pinterest has announced making max width promoted videos available to all advertisers following a successful beta test. Advertisers would be given two formats to choose from when showcasing videos on Pinterest. Videos at standard width are the same size as all other Pins on Pinterest and videos at maximum width are ~4x bigger, spanning across […]


Google Allows to Include Third Headline in Text Ads


By allowing adding an additional headline and description to text ads, Google is enabling advertisers to insert up to three headlines and two descriptions in text ads. The number of characters for descriptions has also been increased to 90 characters. Now, the text ads and responsive search ads will have the same number of characters. […]


Bing Launches New Intelligent Search Features


Bing launches several new “intelligent search” features that are designed to search for hotels, home services, and coupons. These all new features will allow you to search and help you save money: Estimate and compare hotel prices across multiple providers Discover insights to make the right trade-offs around the price of services Get more savings on products […]


JSON-LD Now Part of the Bing Webmaster Tools


Bing now brings JSON-LD support as part of its Webmaster tools. Users can authenticate their JSON-LD implementation by accessing Bing Webmaster Tools and utilizing the Markup Validator tool. The option is available in the Diagnostics and Tools section. With the inclusions of JSON-LD, the Validator tool now supports different markup languages like- Schema HTML microdata […]


Facebook Updates Its Video Ad Metrics


Facebook has come with another update where it has made changes in its video ad metrics. This will make metrics more in line with the way people watch and interact with videos. More specifically, the update to video ad metrics has been made with respect to gauge the total time a video was viewed. Apart […]

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