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YouTube Changes Rules around Videos with External Links


YouTube is including limitations on which accounts can include external links at the end of their videos.

External links are added to videos in the form of end cards, and the requirements have been brought that every account needs to meet in order to be able to use end cards.

The new necessities for using end cards:
  • Must join the YouTube Partner Program
  • Your Channel must have 10,000 total public views or more

The limitations have been put in place to avert abuse of end cards.  By joining the YouTube Partner Program, the company will have the capacity to exclusively assess evaluate every account before granting them approval.

YouTubers tend to use end cards to point viewers towards things like crowdfunding campaigns, Patreon, and merchandise stores.

End cards can be used for just about anything though. You can guide viewers to your website, a landing page, a product page, or anything else that will help you reach your marketing goals.

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