Digital Marketing Tool Of The Week: Exit Bee

Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Exit Bee

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Exit Bee: “For Recovering Lost Visitors”

Exit Bee turns your lost visitors into customers based on behavioral analysis and creates personalized campaigns and increases sales and conversions. It’s a tool that lets you increase your sales, conversions, email subscriptions and engagement and take your brand’s revenue to the next level.

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How it works?

  • Tracks and analyses each visitor behavior
  • Predicts the moment a visitor is about to leave the website
  • Engages with a tailored message based on their behavior
  • Increases conversions and revenue

Benefits & Features

  • 10 Seconds Integration
  • Exit Intent on All Devices
  • Location Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Customize Your Campaign
  • High converting Templates


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