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Google testing a New Design for Image SERP


Image search results have their own algorithm pattern and this time Google has been found testing a new design for image SERP.

The new design has the rounded corners, one of the most perfect changes in the latest redesign of regular search results of Google.

This means images representation have been restructured. The redesigning activity includes an in-line photo viewer opening on the left side of the SERPs.


The photo-viewer keeps its position on the side, enabling to keep scrolling going through search results keeping the selected image in view.

The white background of the photo viewer making it more pleasing as the viewer blends with the rest of the page.

Users can see the vibrantly color image search suggestions are now plain white.

The suggestions are shown in bubble-shaped button removing sharp edges which were present earlier.

The changes are done in order to match the image SERPs with the regular SERPs.

Right now, the new design is under testing, so as of now users will see the old image search design.

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