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Facebook Updates Its Video Ad Metrics


Facebook has come with another update where it has made changes in its video ad metrics.

This will make metrics more in line with the way people watch and interact with videos.

More specifically, the update to video ad metrics has been made with respect to gauge the total time a video was viewed.

Apart from solely focusing on time duration, the metrics focus more on video consumption.

The consumption is defined as “the number of unrepeated seconds people watch.”

Additionally, Facebook is to bring complete new reporting ways on video plays and removing some of the older metrics.

Calculating Video Consumption

Differently, to video ads on other channels, Facebook video ads can be skipped back and parts of a video can also be replayed.

The way video ads are being consumed by people is changing and thus Facebook’s metrics are evolving the way users behave.

Assessing Video Plays

Facebook to bring a new video ad metric that tracks when a user sees a video and playing.

Earlier, the platform has reported on a video impression although the video was not playing due to the settings are done by the user.

The new metric of “Video Plays” in Ads Manager will count how many times the video was seen in a playing mode on the user’s screen.

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