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Bing Announces AMP Pages for Mobile Search Results


Bing has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will now work directly from its mobile search results.

“Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Bing AMP viewer and Bing AMP Cache enabling AMP-enabled web pages to work directly from Bing’s mobile search results allowing Bing to provide faster mobile experiences to Bing users.”- Source: Bing

Bing has already started rolling out its AMP viewer and AMP carousel in the United States for the news carousel.

For the US users, try it out on a mobile device by navigating to https://www.bing.com and search for trending news topics and tapping the search results labelled with the AMP icon:w


 “In order to enable your AMP published content within Bing, you need to allow the Bingbot (our crawler) to fetch AMP content and allow cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for bing-amp.com domain. Most AMP enabled sites and advertisers have already authorized the CORS sharing for the ampproject.org domain, but now need to also bing-amp.com to the allowed list.”- Fabrice Canel, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Bing

Bing will continue the phased roll out to more websites, in more countries and regions.

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