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Bing Lets Advertisers Add a Third Headline to Text Ads


Bing expanded its text ads recently and thus users will be now able to add more text in both the headline and description.

Expanded text ads will have the following improvements-
  • An additional headline
  • An additional description
  • Up to 90 characters of text can be added in each of the descriptions

Bing 1

This means Bing’s expanded text ads can now take up to three headlines and two descriptions.

Each headline box can have up to 30 characters. Individual headlines will get separated by a “|” symbol.

The third headline may not appear in some cases, so ensure you add the most important text in the first two headlines.

The appearance of the third headline will be decided on the basis of Bing’s users’ response signals and device size.

Like the third headline, the second headline isn’t guaranteed to be displayed on all devices.

So try to put the most important text in the headline.

The additional title and description can be added through new fields available below the ones which were already available for expanded text ads.

Bing 2

These extra fields are completely optional, so it’s up to advertisers whether to include or not. This update is now available to all Bing Ads advertisers globally.

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