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Google Shopping Allows Merchants to Add Products to Listings


Now, as per the latest update of Google, advertisers can add product pages to Google Shopping listings.

Along with that advertisers can access new analytics features to map out their results.

Product Pages on Google Shopping

Google shopping advertisers can populate their listings with product pages.

Merchants can use product pages to emphasize product features and capabilities in detail.

Google associated with WebCollage to give content for product pages.

Google says WebCollage has got 10% more conversions for their clients when more visual content is displayed at retailers after doing an A/B test.

As such manufacturers will be able to upload their own content to Manufacturer Center.


Updates to Analytics in Manufacturer Center

Google is bringing new analytics features in Manufacturer Center that will offer merchants with a better understanding of how their product ads are performing.

New analytics will have-

  • Performance trends like top performing product groups and important changes made in performance or price.
  • Insights on top search terms for the products, and average price trends.

The new analytics offerings are available to all brands in Manufacturer Center after integrating specific characters to product data.


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