Google AdWords Express Becomes The Part Of Google Ads

Google AdWords Express Becomes the Part of Google Ads

Google letting its advertisers know that AdWords Express is now a part of Google Ads.

Advertisers can find AdWords Express campaigns in Google Ads as ‘Smart Campaigns’.

Earlier, AdWords Express was a separate solution as a lower maintenance option for small businesses.

Now, Smart campaigns include all the same advantages as AdWords Express campaigns, but with advanced features.

Following is the benefits-
  • Advertisers can quickly and conveniently make an online ad.
  • Pay only when your ad is clicked.
  • Attract more consumers to your site or Google Maps listing.
  • Reach customers on the desktop as well as mobile phones and tablets.
  • Review the efficacy of your ads in your dashboard.
Key features available in Smart campaigns include:
  • Campaigns overview
  • Critical account alerts
  • Verified calls
  • Map Actions
  • Google Analytics
  • Ad scheduling


Google looks for feedback from advertisers on Smart campaigns and they can use the “Leave feedback” open that can be accessed by clicking the 3-dot icon shown in the upper right-hand side of your campaign.

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