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Facebook Introduces 3 Ranking Factors for Videos


Facebook has already jumped into video marketing and with its latest update. It shows more focus on the same.

Users will see three important changes to the video distribution in the news feed.

These changes will also influence recommendations in the “More Videos” section.

According to Facebook, the objective of these changes is to prioritize original videos which users actively look for.

3 Ranking Factors for Videos

Facebook is emphasizing on three factors influencing video ranking.

Look at those three factors-
  • Loyalty and intent– Facebook will improve the ranking signals of video which people search for and get back to it again and again.
  • Video and viewing duration– Facebook will reinforce the ranking signals of videos to keep people engaged for more time than used to be. Videos which are longer than three minutes will have a better impact.
  • Originality– Facebook will control distribution and monetization for fake or repurposed content.

Facebook focuses on genuine content for Pages so that people come back to see positive effects from these changes.

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