“DSIM Gave Me Concrete Knowledge Of Digital Marketing.”- Deepak Malhotra

“DSIM gave me concrete knowledge of digital marketing.”- Deepak Malhotra

By DSIM Team / 09/06/2018

I learnt so much at DSIM.

Deepak Malhotra, DSIM Trainee

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We shared some candid moments with DSIM’s Ex-Trainee Deepak Malhotra who was dynamic, and enthusiastic while sharing his experience at the institute.

Q1. Hi! Please share your qualification and work experience with us.
Ans. I am Deepak Malhotra, pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA), Amity University.
Q2. Why did you chose digital marketing?
Ans. Ans. Digital marketing enables a business to get established online. With plans to start my own venture, I decided to go for digital marketing training.
Q3. Why you preferred DSIM over other institutes?
Ans. I was strongly recommended to go with DSIM as my friends did training from here.
Q4. We would like to know about your experience at DSIM
Ans. It was a great experience.
DSIM gave me concrete knowledge of digital marketing.
Q5. How much you would like to rate DSIM on scale of 1-10?
Ans. 8/10
Q6. What benefits you see within digital marketing?
Ans. Digital marketing takes your business to millions of people in no time and brings potential leads in order to expand sales volume of business.
Q7. Any message for digital marketing fellows.
Ans. Digital marketing is not limited to one field whether it is job or business; you can work from home too. So, those interested go for it.
Q8. About DSIM in one line….
Ans. “I learnt so much at DSIM.”
Thanks, Deepak! It was wonderful talking to you!
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