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An Interview with Mr. Amaneesh Seth,Freelancer and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He reviews DSIM and also shares with us how digital marketing helped him in choosing his career line.

Q1. Hi Amaneesh, Currently you are pursuing MBA but still you opted for digital marketing training programme. Can we know the reason behind it and what’s your plan for future?

Ans.  As I want to grab a job in the online retail sector and for the reason I did digital marketing training. Digital marketing training gave me an edge over all students in my campus. I am the only one in my batch who got knowledge of digital marketing. It’s just not an add-on; it’s a backbone for a person who wants job in online retail sector.

Q2. Yes really it is a nice choice. Let our readers know why did you choose digital marketing as your line of career?

Ans. I chose digital marketing because it’s not only the future; it’s a need of today. If you want to grow a business, you need that. If we see statistics, we will come to know many people using the internet and it has increased many folds from the past 5 years. As I have already said, if you have to grow and want to go ahead then you have to do it and must have knowledge of digital marketing.
Q3.  One interesting thing we came to know that you are doing freelancing projects after completing your training. Can you tell us how you get these projects and how it helps in generating money? 

Ans. Yes sure! Let me tell you, after completing my training, I am working on freelancing projects for two clients. I am handling the social media portfolio and I am also looking after the website development.

It is just a word-of-mouth when I told my family and friends about I am doing this course. They contacted me for their business. Many of my friends have their family business and they feel they need to digitalize as this is need of today. Specifically, when I talk about knowledge that businessman have, they don` have enough knowledge about digital marketing. But they need this to grow their businesses. So, my role is that I am to help them, guide them.

My clients are happy with my work and they recommend me too to other clients. So, this is how I got my projects. My limitation is I am doing MBA, can`t take multiple projects at a time. So, I concise to 1-2 project right now.

The money is depending on the portfolio that you are handling and definitely also on the clients. I am easily able to make 10,000 to 12,000 rupees from 1-2 projects per month on an average.

Q4. That’s a great work you are doing Amaneesh. What do you think is the scope of digital marketing?

Ans.Digital marketing will grow many folds. If I talk about government policies, they are bringing digital policies in each & every sector like insurance, health care.Even if we want passport assistance, we can do it online via App.Everything is getting digital that is what the main aim of our PM to make every industry digital. India has very good future in digital marketing; it will definitely grow; neither will get stagnant nor will decline.
Q5. Nicely explained Amaneesh. You completed digital marketing training from DSIM. How was your overall training experience and if you can review DSIM for our readers?
Ans. It is an amazing experience. I was enthusiastic from day one. I came to know about those softwares that I was not aware at all. They provided me many tools and hands-on experience. It is very easy to learn at DSIM or I can say they made it easy for us.The two things I like to say about DSIM are that they made this course easy to learn. And second, was the tools and extra knowledge which the trainers gave was a kind of X-factor.So, being a youngster it really attracts me a lot if I get tools, software and extra knowledge about them.
Q6. How would you review the trainers at DSIM?

Ans.If I talk about trainers at DSIM, Kunal sir, I really like to give him 10 out of 10. When I had classes with him, it was very nice and interesting.Mr. Gaurav is also good. I like to rate him 8.5. The main quality of Gaurav is he gives a lot of extra knowledge apart from the course.The classes are very interactive. I learned a lot about new tools. 

Q7. So, before we finish it up is there something you would like to put across to the young students who are puzzled about their career?

Ans. Yes definitely! I would like to tell them if they have not joined this kind of course, they are getting late day by day. They should do it right now. Many of the students I met, they say “Hum to YouTube sey seekh lenge”. So, this kind of approach is very bad. You really have to follow a schedule which only institutes like DSIM can give. They have to come 1-2 month regularly. So, this regularity will give them clarity in their mind about this course.

If they ask me personally, I would tell them they have enough career option like they can start their own business and they can join any company. Digital marketing is in huge demand. People call me and ask about what digital marketing is. There is much curiosity in the market.

And please don’t go for the trap like YouTube sey seekh lenge, tutorial video dekh lenge. It’s better that you join a course and be regular in your classes.

Mr. Amaneesh Seth completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in July 2015.

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