Google has made its first shift to test mobile-first index with desktop version in order to decide the rankings.  The Google noticed that most of its searches were mobile but while evaluating the site’s ranking, it just looks for the desktop version of the site.

The main aim behind this change is to get better and useful results. Google is experimenting with the algorithms in order to get the detailed knowledge of structured data and then to represent bits and pieces from those pages in the result.

Google assures its users that despite the change it will continue to provide them with the best search results.

There is no need to be concerned if your site does not have a mobile site as it will keep on using the desktop version of your site for ranking it.

There is no doubt that Google already provides the great search experience to its users, yet it is still rolling the ball by mending the ranking ways to make the results more fruitful and efficient.

According to the information released by Google, there are not many changes that you need to make in your site. The canonical links will remain the same. If the site configuration of mobile site and desktop site is different then you need to make some changes. The output of both the URLs of mobile and desktop should be compared with the help of Structured Data Testing Tool.

Google will soon make this change so that you can avail the best rankings for your site regardless of using mobile or desktop version.

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