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HP was founded in 1939 in a car garage in Palo Alto, California, United States. Hewlett Packard (HP) has grown-up to become one among the largest technology companies in the world, leading the IT industry in the world.

This tech giant has globally captured its market and provides a huge range of h/w, s/w and services. The brand is not only a household name but it is also among the top technology supplier for many of the world’s largest enterprises.

Like other top companies, HP also knows the influence of social media as a marketing tool and for customer engagement; they have implemented an innovative strategy across various platforms. They have built a following of more than 8.5 million across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Vine. HP has become the first company to get 1 million followers on LinkedIn all across the globe.

Now, HP has made a deep-rooted presence over all the social media platforms, maintaining regular activity clearly indicating their dedication towards engaging the customers through social media strategy.

So here is the detailed analysis of how HP is doing over various social media platforms.


HP has its largest following on Facebook with a massive 3.8 million followers on their official global page. Many other pages run country-wise under the same brand name.

hp facebook

The company shares diverse content over Facebook. Although some of their post prompts their own products, but most of them is based on career advice and work skills.

A lot of short videos are shared over the platform to display their products. All photographs uploaded are professionally and creatively shot. Creativity and innovation are the two things that are encouraged by the brand.

The brand combines hashtags in most of their product posts for making the post healthy and increasing engagement, like #SproutbyHP. They are continuously in the process of creating their own hashtags for their campaigns and the content related to HP, such as #LifeAtHP which covers company’s activity and the work culture over there.

HP is quite consistent with the posts over Facebook and generally posts twice a day, building a solid and reliable presence over the platform.

Another hashtag used by the company in their campaigns was ‪#‎WorkFromHappyPlace, in which they encourage people to work from anywhere, even outside the office. The campaign showcases hilarious images and videos or people working in ‘alternate’ locations to their office, like in a spa, on the beach or even in a forest.

hp star wars

HP usually get huge response from their posts over Facebook in the form of likes and increases the level of engagement on their posts, which counts to more than 4,000 likes over each post, such as a Star Wars theme.


Like Facebook, HP has a number of Twitter accounts based on various factors. Its global page HP account has 989,200 followers. Other account over Twitter includes HP NewsHP SupportHP CareersHP SecurityHP Labs and many other accounts for different countries.

hp twitter

The company is active over Twitter on regular basis. They post over the platform on daily basis. They share a variable content, starting from product promotion, to tech news and exciting tips and facts of the tech industry to target the huge percentage of the target market audience.

To target the audience, a combination of hashtags is used in their posts, like  #LifeatHP and #BendTheRules. They also keep up to date with trending and frequently used hashtags whenever they can, such as #MondayMotivation#GeekPrideDay and #DidYouKnow.

HP last year showed its reality app ‘Aurasma’, at Star Wars Weekends and has therefore been sharing a lot of Star Wars related content under the hashtag #SWW2015.

The company launched another hashtag #BendTheRules which was it’s another biggest campaign on Twitter, in which HP shared the same content that they have shared on Facebook, including videos, images and info about the technology used during the campaign.

They encourage user interaction over the platform by raising questions in their tweets and encouraging people to tweet with their own content using #HP hashtags.


hp instagram

The posts over HP’s Instagram page is somewhat having a quality content. However they have effectively combined technology into creative photography and videos.

Like on Facebook and Twitter, they strongly use hashtags over Instagram and have created and used a number of hashtags such as #LifeatHP and #HPDiscover, as well as for their various campaigns – #BendTheRules, #WorkFromHappyPlace.

They encourage other users to share their images under the HP hashtags and frequently share user content on the HP account. HP has over 292,500 followers on Instagram and their posts generally receive around 2,000 – 3,000 likes.


hp vine

With over 56,000 followers, HP is very much popular on Vine. It has more than 30,000,000 loops. Many self-made short videos has been created and shared over the platform. HP vines created by other users are a part of its #BendTheRules campaign.


When it comes to act over social media platform, HP performs really well over there and develops some really excellent content. These great content is a result of a high budget and a lot of planning, especially the smartly made Vines and various running social campaigns.

They cover all the social media platforms through their smart posts resulting in a huge massive fan following over each social platforms summing up to more than 8.5 million.
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