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Making your business stand out with conventional marketing strategies is not an easy task, for they have always been related with a hefty budget and market research requirements. However, with the increasing ubiquity and usage of internet, reaching out to the right segment of the audience is not only possible but has become quite cost effective too.

Here are a few ways that can make your small business look like an MNC on Internet.

1) Get a website

The first step to make your small business look like an MNC on internet is to get it visible online and for that you need a website that happens to be an online brand identity for your business. Remember your website is the gateway to your business and that manifestation matters so make sure you get a soothing, easily-navigable and a well-designed flashy website.


“People don’t want to visit a website that doesn’t work properly!”

Make sure your website not only looks good but even works well. So, do not forget to optimize your website and ensure that it functions at its best.

Once the website is ready and live you further need to go ahead and implement some online marketing strategies to take your business to next level. Let’s discuss them one by one.

2) Perform SEO for your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the collection of techniques and practices that allow a site to get more traffic from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). It a crucial role especially in getting organic search engine traffic for minimal expenses or even no expense if you are doing it all yourself. An aggressive SEO research can let you secure millions of people and reach targeted audiences in a matter of months.

To know more about SEO read our article here where we have explained it in detail.

3)  Make use of Content Marketing

“According to recent study, 91% of consumers check their email daily!”

So, you can imagine how productive email marketing can be if leveraged well.

Email marketing is marketing a commercial message directly to the people using emails. It is one of the most effective marketing tools for it is a very highly targeted advertising approach. In this type of marketing audiences by opting in to receive emails have given you consent to send them emails.

Besides, the cost of sending a single email is almost negligible when compared to cost involved in other marketing channels respectively. On top of that e-mail marketing, which is not only measurable but can be attuned to different screen sizes, also allows businesses to undertake a personalized marketing approach.

5) Get active on different Social media outlets

“Social signals are responsible for up to 7% of website ability to rank!”

Social media not only boosts your organic presence on search engines, but also helps you in generating awareness for your business, bring targeted traffic to your website and make money in the end by helping you generate revenue for your business(https://dsim.in/blog/7-ways-social-media-can-generate-revenue-for-your-business/). In fact, according to a recent report, one-third of businesses drive revenue through social media.

So, go ahead and register with all the major player of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on, especially where your target audience spend much of their time and try to get traffic to your website from there.

6) Use pay per click advertising

Up till now in this post we have learnt about the digital marketing tactics that don’t specifically include any investment as long as you are doing it all yourself. Although we always recommend to practice digital marketing tactics that help your bring the potential customer to your landing page almost organically and for no or minimal charges, however, if you want quicker results, PPC advertising acts like a magic wand if leveraged well.To know more about PPC advertising as to how a well set up PPC Campaign can drive a lot of potential customer to your site and does wonders in generating revenue for your company, please read our article here where we have explained it in detail.

7) Use Online Advertising

Online advertising, also called Internet advertising, is a form of advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. It is a boon for small businesses , for they can not only advertise their business to their target audience in a shoe string budget but can also have true value for money they can measure it at its every part and can make alterations in it at any point of time while it’s running. By investing only on the part that’s boosting your business and keeping a check on the part that wasn’t giving any positive result or in simple words was going waste, you can plan your budget more efficiently.

Online advertising in itself is an extensive type of advertising that can includes various platforms like search engines, social media outlets, email marketing, online video marketing, banner advertising and other forms of online outreach.

To know more about online advertising read our article here where we have explained it in detail.

Not just that!

Digital marketing offers you with some valuable tools like web analytics through which you can measure every part of your online marketing campaign and optimize it respectively for the best results.

Unlike conventional marketing, where you can measure only the ROI and that too through readership and the footfall , in Online marketing you can scrutinize your campaign at its every level and can maintain the marketing budget in the best possible way by trimming it down according to the performance of the distinguished factors.

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