The creation of compelling and relevant CTA buttons are little bit tricky but not impossible. It has been seen in the past that a single change in buttons has impacted conversion in a great way. Although the button sounds simple but there are so many things related with it making it a little bit complicated. You need to decide about the size, color, text and many other factors related with the button.

Here we have a few tips to make the buttons or CTAs more successful.

1) Make the offer clear

calls to action 11 The CTA of your offer should clearly describe about the offer. By reading your CTA a visitor must get to know what your offer is all about. This is how you can make your CTA specific and revealing some information that will promote the visitors to take actions.

2) Make it prominent and noticeable

calls to action 12 Manifestation of your CTA does matter. You will not get much traffic if your CTA is not noticeable. Try to make your CTA contrast with your website for it to stand out on the page. You are not asked to create a huge button but a small one will also not be noticeable.

3) Make it action specific

calls to action 131 Make your CTAs action-oriented by specifying the action that the visitor will need to take to get the information he is looking for. You can start your CTAs with words like download or register as they make clear about the action the visitor is supposed to take. Some more examples of action oriented CTAs are “Download now”, “Get started today”, “start your free trial now” and so on.

4) Keep it relatively at the top

calls to action 14 One more important factor behind a successful CTA is its Location on your web page. Is it lying somewhere at the bottom or middle of the web page. The idea is that your CTA should be visible to the visitors even without they scroll down the page. This is another factor behind increased click through rates.

5) Create the CTA Based on context

calls to action 15 The CTA that you have on any web page should match the information that is there on that web page. By tailoring your call-to-action to reveal the messaging of its context, you increase the click-through chances of that CTA. For instance, the text of CTA on your Contact Us page will be different from the text of a CTA on one of your product pages.

6) Place CTAs on relevant Blogs

calls to action 16 It is a good idea to place CTAs on each of your blog posts which are relevant to those posts. For instance if you have a blog on web analytics, you can have a CTA telling to download an EBook on Google Analytics.

7) The CTAs and The landing page should be consistent

calls to action 17 Many testing in the past reveal that the more consistent your calls-to-actions and landing pages are, the higher conversion rate is supposed to be. If the language that you have on the landing page is too different from the one that’s there on the CTA, it might cause confusion in the visitors’ mind leading them to leave the page.

8) Optimize your Landing Page keeping CTAs in mind

calls to action 18 A CTA drives traffic to your landing page and for you to successfully convert this traffic into potential leads you need to optimize your landing pages. You can do it by experimenting with different patterns of landing pages with the CTAs.

9) Include CTAs for Different Stages of the Sales Funnel

calls to action 191 Different segment of the traffic like different offers. This is why you are advised to cast a wide net in order to capture the maximum part of the traffic that hits your website. You should have at least three CTAS on your homepage one for early, one for mid and one for late phase of your sales funnel visitors.

Up till now we have discussed some of the best practices to optimize your CTAs. However, you also need to keep testing with different CTAs to see what will resonate with your audience. Experiment with different colors, layouts, messaging and see if that can change the amount of traffic that is coming to your site and then work accordingly.

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