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WordPress will start introducing new features in 2017 which will require websites to have HTTPS. The change is going to be the next hurdle users are going to face, similar to the Javascript adoption.

The first change which will be made is, to no longer promote the hosting partners unless and until they provide a SSL certificate by default for all the accounts. It is said that this change will occur near the beginning of 2017.

Another feature under consideration is, ‘API authentication’. The company is going to assess which features would benefit most from SSL. And then only will make it available, when SSL is present on the website.

The major web company is making a move towards the safer and more encrypted Internet. With the introduction of this change, the amount of WordPress websites on it will increase effectively.


HTTPS have grown to become a trusted factor for users as it signals them to the site they are currently on, to the ones which care about protecting their privacy. If one site is on HTTPS and other is not, then,   the site available on it would rank better. Whether as a trust or ranking factor, concerned site owners are migrating to it. The reasons not to switch are diminishing at a very fast pace.

Earlier, moving to HTTPS was complicated and expensive process. But, WordPress points to projects like Let’s Encrypt through which you can easily avail HTTPS certificate for your site for free.

When the company doubles down in 2017, it is expected that there will be further announcements from WordPress regarding HTTPS.

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