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Generating awareness for your business once happened to be a bigger challenge than even launching a business, for of course you somehow managed to manage the resources, funding and all that but either couldn’t bear advertising cost or the heavy cost of advertising killed your profits.

Let’s have a look to the old school advertising that’s what we call traditional advertising such as advertising on television, in newspapers, radio, road side hoardings and so on. There are a few things that are related with advertising when you are running a business such as the cost involved, the life of the advertisement, effectiveness and so on.

If you talk about the cost involved in traditional advertising, undeniably it is quite expensive. Now comes the life of the advertisement, how many times can you replay an ad on TV? Never! But as a marketer you need to pay every time your ad is displayed on TV, so if we talk about the return on investment, you aren’t making much! More or less, same goes with other forms of traditional marketing as well. So, your ads don’t have a good life as such, if that’s the traditional advertising. Then, we have this factor called effectiveness. Well! I won’t say traditional ads aren’t effective but if we talk about its targeting the value is equivalent to almost zero, for in traditional advertising you can simply broadcast your message by randomly showing your ads and there is no specific targeting that you can do to have the true value for money and more sales at the same time.

However, the emergence of online advertising that not only allows you to reach your target audience cost effectively but also effectively has given a great leverage to the marketers to generate awareness for their businesses easily, quickly, effectively and cost effectively.

“If generated the right way, awareness about your business among masses is half the work done!”

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A true businessman knows the value of even a coin and that even the big businesses around the world are shifting their budget away from traditional to the online advertising rather they already have shifted, so forget about the start-ups.

Almost all the companies have started to place increasing emphasis on digital marketing and that there is nothing like undiscovered potential of digital marketing, for things have now become crystal clear to all. In fact, digital marketing is one the best weapons many start ups all around the world have been using to even compete the large players. There are so many examples you can learn from such as those of Flipkart, Snapdeal, Whatsapp, which are some of those start ups that almost have grown from a garage to a billion dollars in estimation by Digital Media.

The most primary reason, however, digital advertising is booming high, is the ever increasing presence of a direct target audience for a vast majority of business. The way number of people spending more and more time on various digital media platforms is increasing, it is no wonder if organizations are almost forced to speed up their investments in Digital Marketing.

Besides, in compare to the traditional media, digital media benefits marketers with:

Audience segmentation and specific targeting
Extensive global reach
A lower cost of customer acquisition
An ability to measure the ROI

“Digital marketing has increased personal attention to the customers and thus increasing business revenue!”


Digital marketing, which is becoming the back bone of almost all the marketing enterprise, is actually is a boon to entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

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