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13 Marketing Statistics That Every Marketer Needs to Know

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13 Marketing Statistics That Every Marketer Needs to Know- dsim

1) Marketer’s top priority of 2015 was customer experience.

2) 72% of organizations ask their audience to subscribe to eNewsletters.

3) 85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is the most important organizational goal for the next 12 months.

4) 31% of B2B marketers say that sales lead quality is the most important metric.

5) 47% of small business owners handle marketing efforts on their own.

6) Enterprise marketers say engagement is their most important goal (82%), followed by sales (81%), and lead generation (79%).

7) Of the technology marketers, marketing manager was the most common job title of 2015.

8) 39% of marketers believe that more of their budget should be allocated to the acquisition or creation of compelling visual assets.

9) Internet advertising will grow by 10% in 2016.

10) 38% more digital marketing professionals will be hired in 2016.

11) Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing.

12) B2B marketers consistently cite sales lead quality, sales, and higher conversion rates as the top 3 most important metrics.

13) Website and email are still the most popular channels among the majority of marketers, followed by webinars, social media, and organic search. 

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