SlideShare- 17 Statistics That Tell All

SlideShare- 17 statistics that tell all

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1) Number of SlideShare users: 70 million users

2) Number of pageviews: 215 million page views per month

3) Percentage of B2B marketers that use Slideshare in new product launches: 17%

4) Percentage of Slideshare traffic that comes from search: 80%

5) Total number of pieces of content shared on SlideShare: 18 million

6) Number of presentations uploaded to Slideshare: 18 million

7) Number of SlideShares posted to LinkedIn to date: 19.7 million

8) Percentage of Slideshare visitors that come directly from Google: 20%

9) Percentage of Slideshare presentations that have between 10-30 slides: 45%

10) SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited Web sites in the world.

11) Increase in engagement on Slideshare mobile app versus desktop: 9x

12) Infographics are 5x more liked than presentations on Slideshare

13) Average number of presentations uploaded to Slideshare monthly: 400,000

14) Average number of words per Slideshare slide: 24 words

15) The six most used tags on SlideShare are business, statistics, social media, market, trends, and research.

16) Date LinkedIn purchased Slideshare: May 3, 2012

17) Amount LinkedIn spent on purchasing Slideshare: $119 million

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