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Now Skype Lets you Chat Right Away


Skype announces a feature for guest users. People can now chat on Skype without even signing up for accounts.

The new feature allows users to take part in the conversations by texting, video or voice calling with their contacts.

The users can join the chat as guests by clicking on the start a conversation. You just have to enter your name there no signup or download is required. After entering your name tap on the start a conversation. Then, a pop-up box will appear saying we are creating your conversation. You will get a link and you will have to share the link with the friends with whom you want to start the conversation.  And with a single tap on the link the user will be able to join the conversation. You can have a chat, group chat, voice call, video call and can also share photos and emoticons.

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The conversation created by the guest user will only last for 24 hours. The user has to sign up for a Skype account if they wish to last the conversation longer.

Skype stated that users can join conversations from ‘any Skype client,’ and as guests through Skype on the web.

The guest users also have access to the Skype’s screen and file sharing features. However, landlines and mobile devices cannot be called up by them using Skype. They also do not have access to the Skype Translator for translating conversations.

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