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5 Steps to Make Facebook Ads More Effective


Facebook advertising is one of the popular and prominent marketing methods in the contemporary digital era. The social marketers keep Facebook marketing tactics one of the top positions in their social marketing strategy list. Facebook ads undoubtedly boost sales and bring quality website traffic. But, it’s always important to keep your social marketing skills innovative […]


3 Steps to Optimize Ad Budget between Facebook and Instagram


Are you a social media marketer and trying to optimize your ad budget between Facebook and Instagram? This article will enable you to know about Facebook’s split test feature to know your ad spend distribution on Facebook and Instagram. 1) Go for a Split Test for Facebook and Instagram Placement Performance To do a split […]


Facebook to bring different Advanced Analytics


Facebook is going to bring advanced analytics to enable page admins to measure the performance of their posts in a better way. The admins are able to see more important events, like people taking actions on their page likes and dislikes, page follows and unfollows and many more. Facebook will also bring a new post […]


3 Ways for Social Media Success without Posting Any Content


Do you want to succeed in social media without using any content? In this article, you will find 3 ways to enhance your exposure with your audience without publishing any content. 1) Integrate Personal and Business Channels for More Engagement The first step includes combining personal and business channels where you aim for consistent branding. […]


4 Tricks LinkedIn Videos can Excel Your Business


Wondering which way you can make your LinkedIn profile more effective for your business? Today, users have become wise and they gather each and every detail before entering into a business deal. LinkedIn is a great medium to communicate with other businesses and offer your products or services to them. But, the LinkedIn community is […]


3 Methods to Improve Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score


Trying to improve your Facebook ads relevance score? Looking to make buzzing Facebook ads to bring positive engagement and social proof? You will be able to do this with the methods given in this article, but before that let’s know what is Facebook ads relevance score? What is Facebook Ads Relevance Score? Facebook ads relevance […]


3 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Marketing


Businesses try to dive into social media world the moment they go online. Promoting on Instagram and Facebook has become a common practice. But, if you talk about the success of various businesses on these platforms, some achieve immensely and some find themselves nowhere. Reason? Promotion and marketing on these channels needs creativity, time and […]


5 Steps to Create A Perfect LinkedIn Content Marketing Plan


Trying to improve your LinkedIn marketing through different content types? Unable to know which one would do better? Here are 5 steps that will take you to your final goal of exact content performance. 1. What’s Your Marketing Goal? Before going into LinkedIn content marketing, define your content marketing goals. These goals can be- Getting […]


9 Professional Networking Alternatives to LinkedIn


There is plenty of networking websites like Quora and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But when it comes to professional networking, the most famous site is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become the world’s largest online professional networking site with more than 562 million members in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Here, in the article, we […]


3 Outstanding Tips to Make LinkedIn Posts More Engaging


You tried your best to make content your brand builder but still, haven’t achieved the goal. You are not alone then, there are many content pieces die soon after publishing just in lack of proper promotion strategies.  LinkedIn is, of course, a great professional platform and thus offer the variety of ways to promote the […]


4 Ways to Reduce CAC with Facebook Ads


Do you optimize your Facebook ads to acquire more customers? Wondering how to reduce Customer acquisition costs (CAC) to scale campaigns? In this article, you’ll learn 4 ways to reduce your customer acquisition costs. What is CAC? The customer acquisition cost (CAC) is the metric used to find the total average cost your company spends […]


3 Quick Ways to Get Email Leads from Facebook Groups


Trying to collect email leads from Facebook group? But, not able to do it properly. No worries, as this article will educate you how you can make an email list using your Facebook group people. 1. Get Your Links on a Lead Generation Page Case 1 When you post your ad to your group, the […]


5 Steps to Do Social Media Competitive Analysis


Looking for social media success? A quickest and easiest way to achieve this is to do social media competitive analysis. There are several brands that earn grand success with their social media strategies and set benchmarks for their competitors. To stack up against similar brands in your industry, you need to do an extensive social […]


3 Ways To Measure Social Media Traffic Using Google Analytics


How would you measure your social media efforts are working or not? You can track them through respective social media analytics, but the alternative to it would be more convenient. Yes, this is Google Analytics, the dashboard which is known to almost all marketers and tracking the results is quite easy through it. With this […]


DSIM’s Guide- How to use Instagram Live?


Since Instagram is getting popular every day, the idea of promoting on the platform is worth to do it. Better say, are you ready to become #InstaFamous? Live video acts as a resource to get into your audience easily and creates immense authenticity. This is why 80% of customers love to watch a live video […]


DSIM’s Guide- Social Media Image Sizes


Do you know how to optimize images for different social media platforms? Are you looking for an article to help you ensure your image dimension is right? In this article, you’ll learn about the ideal image sizes for the top social media platforms. Social Media Image Sizes Facebook With 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook […]


6 tactics to Grow Your LinkedIn Followers 200% Faster


When we talk about social media, LinkedIn has the professional appearance. In recent times, the LinkedIn user base has exceeded 500 million and this made businesses trying their best to boost their LinkedIn marketing strategy. A recent survey revealed that LinkedIn came second after Instagram as one of the widely used social media platforms. Here […]


5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Most of the Marketer Makes


For advertising on Facebook, there should be the disciplined approach. Else, you can experience the issues on this platform. Now, we will talk about a couple of mistakes marketers make in common while advertising on Facebook.  Explore the article and know how to get better results by avoiding these common mistakes- 1) Not taking Video […]

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