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DSIM’s Guide- How to use Instagram Live?


Since Instagram is getting popular every day, the idea of promoting on the platform is worth to do it. Better say, are you ready to become #InstaFamous? Live video acts as a resource to get into your audience easily and creates immense authenticity. This is why 80% of customers love to watch a live video […]


DSIM’s Guide- Social Media Image Sizes


Do you know how to optimize images for different social media platforms? Are you looking for an article to help you ensure your image dimension is right? In this article, you’ll learn about the ideal image sizes for the top social media platforms. Social Media Image Sizes Facebook With 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook […]


6 tactics to Grow Your LinkedIn Followers 200% Faster


When we talk about social media, LinkedIn has the professional appearance. In recent times, the LinkedIn user base has exceeded 500 million and this made businesses trying their best to boost their LinkedIn marketing strategy. A recent survey revealed that LinkedIn came second after Instagram as one of the widely used social media platforms. Here […]


5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Most of the Marketer Makes


For advertising on Facebook, there should be the disciplined approach. Else, you can experience the issues on this platform. Now, we will talk about a couple of mistakes marketers make in common while advertising on Facebook.  Explore the article and know how to get better results by avoiding these common mistakes- 1) Not taking Video […]


4 Steps to Create Facebook In-Stream Video Ads


Do you want to create Facebook in-stream video ads? This article is going to tell you all about creating Facebook in-stream video ads that’ll get displayed on other’s video content through the Facebook news feed. Know About Facebook In-Stream Video Ads The placement of Facebook in-stream video ad enables you to display “-roll video ads […]


5 Steps to Validate your LinkedIn Video Ad Creation


Do you want to promote your brand on LinkedIn? Then, what could better than LinkedIn video? This article will let you know how you can make your LinkedIn video ad campaign. 1) Ensure Who are Your Target Audiences In every strategy, the first step is to define the target audience and LinkedIn is no different. […]


9 Pinterest Tools You Should Know About


Pinterest is a complete marketing platform where you can bring your products to your audience who are looking for the best purchasing ideas. The social marketing platform is a definitely on a roll. Comparing with other social media outlets, no one gas gained traction like Pinterest. The company has become a global leader in no […]


4 Ways to Use Facebook and Twitter Ad Transparency Tools


How to impress clients with your social media appearance like your competitors do? It’s simple. Get Facebook and Twitter ad transparency tools. And, this article is going to tell you all about those Facebook & Twitter transparency tools. Facebook and Twitter Ad Transparency Tools Facebook and Twitter enable users to see the ads running on […]


10 Social Media Audit Secrets You Need to Know


A social media audit lets you know which way your efforts are going. You come to know about various aspects like circulation, deficiencies and activity levels of the social media efforts of your accounts. As such, you should conduct social media audit at regular intervals with the help of following steps- 1) Schedule Your Social […]


3 High Performing Facebook Ad Examples


The steady growth of online marketing and visibility has become integral parts of a business. Among the many pillars, social media marketing is something that fascinates more to a businessperson. Social media marketing gathers immense respect when it comes to the performance of an ad. The replication of visibility and reach to target audience are […]


5 Video Tools for Social Media Marketers


Need to do more marketing with videos? Looking for affordable video tools? Video has become visual content for a number of businesses and brands. In this article, you’ll discover 5 tools to quickly and easily create attractive, stunning videos for social media. #1 Biteable Biteable is a video creation platform that creates business videos easily […]


5 Steps to Generate More Traffic for Pinterest Search Ads


Wondering how to use Pinterest search ads to get more visibility? This article tells you a complete saga of Pinterest search ads and its use. Know about Pinterest Search Ads Pinterest is a search and discovery tool that helps users search for products, services or ideas by browsing their home feed. Pinterest search ads appear […]


8 Social Media Updates Good For You


The competition among social media channels is quite visible and each of them tries to offer a great user experience. To simplify and allow users an easy access and run, the social media platforms offer them tools. These tools are a one-stop program that enables a user to handle a number of features in one […]


6 Clever Social Media Promotion Ideas


Do you use social media as part of your marketing strategy? If yes, you know how hard it can be to keep up with all of the hottest news from the different social channels. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 social media promotion ideas to kick-start your marketing initiatives. #1 Filling up Profile Details Your […]


4 Ways to Increase Your Snapchat Followings


Are you a Snapchat geek and trying to increase your followers comprehensively this year? You can and can be done effectively. But, the question is how? Here are some ways that will help you grow your Snapchat following with authority. 1) Come with helpful & useful content The best advantage of using a social platform […]


10 Breaking Social Media News of the Month (July, 2018)


Do you wish to stay on the leading edge of Social Media? How to do it? Here is the answer- read on the DSIM’s latest post including important Social Media updates introduced in July, 2018. 1) LinkedIn Introduces Video Captions, Articles Quotes and Translations LinkedIn making it convenient for its users to find other professionals with […]


3 Steps to Get More Exposure using LinkedIn Hashtags


Have you started adding hashtags to your LinkedIn posts? Not yet and so, you are looking for tips to use hashtags effectively in your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Here are the 3 steps to tell you how to use LinkedIn Hashtags. Bring these hacks into practice, to achieve success on this platform. 1. Start with Hashtags […]


8 Tips To Create Successful Facebook Contests


Running a successful Facebook contest for your business needs planning and promotion. This can be a great addition to your marketing strategy. An engaging Facebook contest can be an effective way to capture attention and support of your audience. If you are planning for a Facebook contest, then here in this article we have shared […]

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