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Startup Roundup: 21 Startups Reveal their Content Marketing Secrets


Different Brands share different strategies to accelerate their market growth and the supposition says that there is no particular way to follow on to bring the craved results; what you need is to have the recognizable proof of your techniques in accordance with your plan. And, so we drove another Startup Roundup approaching the brands for the second time in a view to know the chosen strategies.

The questions asked in Roundup

This time the take on was to know the Startups’ preferences in Content Marketing and these two questions were put in forth:

The execution of Roundup

Meet the Startup Names participating in the Roundup and get to know their approved standpoint for the time:

S.No Startup Founder Pitch Founding Year
1 Cashify Mandeep Manocha and Nakul Kumar Used & Old Gadgets Selling 2013
2 RarePlanet Ranodeep Saha Product Selling 2015
3 TrueJodi Ravi Mittal Matrimonial 2015
4 BuyHatke Gaurav Dahake Product Selling 2012
5 Bro4U Pramod Hegde Service Provider 2015
6 CITYFURNISH Neerav Jain Premium Furniture & Home Appliances 2015
7 Stay Uncle Sanchit Sethi Hotel Accommodation Provider 2014
8 YesSettle Rajinder Sharma Settle the disputes out of the court 2015
9 Let’s Barter India Pooja Bhayana Barter products & services 2015
10 RentSher Karandeep Singh Vohra Products on Rent 2014
11 Furlenco Shaiju Mathew Furniture on Rent 2011
12 ShoeKonnect Chaitanya Rathi Cater the needs of Footwear 2014
13 Prozo Ekesh Tewari For Books Ordering 2011
14 Zapyle Rashi Menda For Fashionistas 2015
15 iDreamCareer Praveen Kumar Students’ Guidance & Career Assistance 2012
16 CarIQ Deepak Thomas Car Maintenance & Services 2012
17 Legistify Akshat Singhal Help You Find A Lawyer 2013
18 VanityCube Renu Bisht Beauty & Makeup Services at home 2014
19 Engrave Nimish Market for Craft Lovers 2011
20 Purple Style Labs Abhishek Agarwal Styling Products 2015
21 KhelNow Ananya Sharma Sports Domain 2014

We performed the research and collected stats using the responses received from the above listed Startups. The numbers include average practices and share info on the favorite content types and practices, enabling you to have the detailed insight. Here we go:

1) If a yes to Content Marketing, then how frequently it gets published?

The Goal: The inclination towards Content Marketing

The Result:

dsim page

  • 7 replied with Weekly
  • 4 replied with Fortnight
  • 7 replied with Everyday
  • 2 more than Once a day
  • 2 replied with 2-3 Times a Week

Thoughts shared by Brands:

“We do content marketing in form of a newsletter every month or so, but we will soon making newsletter a weekly affair.”—- RarePlanet

“We’re not quite regular with content marketing. We do more of content via visualizations. For ex. we have done two poster campaigns carrying social messages which have reached the masses via social media and engaged over 1.5 million people.” —- TrueJodi

There is a tie between Everyday and Weekly. From the responses, it came as brands prefer to go for both weekly content publishing as well as every day. People on the web look for important information and content marketing provides it, through text, imagery and the video content. To profit the most extreme benefits one should practice of making and distributing content that is engaging, informative and helpful to potential customers.

2) Types of content used mostly for Content Marketing?

The Goal: To know the preferred Content types

The Result:

dsim pAGE

  • Infographic: 11 votes
  • Webinar: 1 vote
  • Podcast: 1 vote
  • Video: 10 votes
  • Polls: 6 votes
  • Interviews: 7 votes
  • Surveys: 2 votes
  • Checklists: 1 vote
  • Facts & Statistics: 9 votes
  • Guest Blogs: 8 votes
  • Roundups: 3 votes
  • Others: 5 (Articles, Photoshoots and poster campaigns, Contests, Listicles)

We requested brands to share their picks in terms of most favored content types and here came to conclude that infographics, videos, facts & stats, guest blogging are used for the most part. These sorts of content help you drive attention of users and this is the reason of their favored acceptance amongst the marketers.

To drive in great results and take maximum benefits out of the practices, we usually ask for experienced suggestions, earned by on the go names and to present exemplary post to our readers, we led this Roundup. Let’s hope, here you get plenty of assistance to put forth your performance rightly.

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