13 CTA Stats To Quantify Its POWER For BRANDS

13 CTA Stats to Quantify Its POWER for BRANDS



  1. 70% of Small Business B2B Websites Lack A Call to Action.
  2. 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see.
  3. Making CTAs look like buttons created a 45% boost in clicks for CreateDebate.
  4. Personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.
  5. Reducing clutter around their CTA increased Open Mile’s conversion rate by 232%.
  6. More than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy.
  7. Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%.
  8. Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase click-through rate by 285%.
  9. A CTA within a video gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs.
  10. 83% to 93% of each post’s leads come from anchor text & internal link CTAs.
  11. SAP found that orange CTAs boosted their conversion rate by 32.5%.
  12. Performable found that red CTAs boosted their conversion rate by 21%.
  13. HubSpot found that anchor text CTAs increased conversion rates by 121%.
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