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Google “Speed Update” introduced globally


Google has come up with another important update.

Currently, page speed is considered as a ranking factor for mobile searches. And, Google calling it the “Speed Update” made an official announcement about its worldwide availability.


Several notices were made out about the Speed Update prior to yesterday’s release when Google announced in January that it will bring the update in July.

Earlier, page speed was considered as a ranking factor only for desktop searches.

Meanwhile, speedy and mobile-optimized websites were considered as ranking factor, but speed was never for the same.

Now, the speed of content loading will be included in mobile pages ranking. Undoubtedly, the faster one will be the better one.

This factor is highly imperative for SEO professionals and site owner.

According to Google, the update is going to affect only the slowest mobile sites.

To make this clearer, see this example-

If a site is already lightning fast, but a competitor’s site is a tenth of a second faster, it’s unlikely that will make a difference in the long run.

Even if your site is a little bit faster than this condition is not going improve your website ranking.

This latest update will affect sites which are evidently slow i.e. a user has to wait for a long period for the opening of content on a mobile.

The last thing to note down about this update is that it will not stop slow loading mobile sites from ranking altogether.

Google has always said that relevancy is important. Therefore, if a slow loading page includes relevant content as per user’s query, then it will still rank.

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