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Instagram Announces Two New Interactive Features


Instagram has come up with a number of new features to make a stronger connection with followers.

These features can be used with Instagram Stories and live videos.

Countdowns in Stories

Instagram users can now add an attractive countdown to their stories.

This can be useful for Marketers to countdown to an event, like a webinar, or a product launch.

Countdown stickers can also be useful for E-commerce businesses in order to remind followers about an expiring limited-time offer.

The first-time countdown sticker will readily be available for reuse till the countdown lasts.


Other users who will see the countdown will follow it, which makes them able to receive a notification when the countdown is over.

Questions on Instagram Live

Users can use question stickers during live videos, and they will receive questions from their followers and answer them in actual time.

Live videos are already popular for answering questions of followers.

Although, if there are many questions streamlined at once, one can lose track of the good questions.

If any user joins in the middle of the conversation won’t get an idea about the subject of the video.

The person in the video can see all the questions with question stickers, and users can see the question currently being answered.

See an example below:


Both of these features are available on iOS and Android. But, live video broadcasting is only available on iOS, but Android users can also view the videos.

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