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Facebook Adds New Features for Click-to-WhatsApp Ads


In Jan 2018, the social giant Facebook had launched WhatsApp business app or profile for advertisers.  Now, Facebook has added new features like traffic, page post engagement, and conversion for its click-to-WhatsApp ads.

With these new objectives, advertisers will be able to add specific ad goals to the Clicks-to-WhatsApp ads – advance incorporating a Facebook-to-WhatsApp engagement process.

Facebook’s call-to -WhatsApp ads button will open in WhatsApp. Your audiences can engage with you on WhatsApp after clicking ad.

It offers advertisers to communicate with audiences and build their presence.

App usage:

  • Create a business profile with your business information
  • Set automated messages
  • Send notifications to customers with the important information
  • View insights (like how many messages were sent, delivered, and read)

How to Start?

  • Download WhatsApp Business for Android.
  • Connect your WhatsApp account to your Facebook page

To create ads that click to WhatsApp from Ads Manager:

  1. Go to Ads Creation
  2. Choose your objective. (Such as MessagesTrafficConversions (for website) and Post Engagement)
  3. In the ‘Message Destination’ section, select WhatsApp
  4. Choose your audience, budget and campaign schedule
  5. In the Ad Setup section, choose the images, text, and headline for your ad
  6. After you’ve studied your campaign’s points, click Confirm to create your ad
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