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Banner ads are effective and powerful! But, there’s a catch to it! To be effective, a banner ad needs to be well designed and proper placing is essential. Else, you may end up annoying your potential leads and hence lose business; moreover it can tarnish your company’s reputation.

DSIM presents 5 most annoying banner ads on the Internet –




This banner ad surely captures your interest as it plays with your psyche and promises a prize! No-doubt its attention grabbing but, even the dumbest internet user realizes that no business in the world loves mankind to the extent that they are dedicated to give free electronics to everyone on the planet. Also, you happen to visit a number of websites in a day and often you come across this banner and you wonder that why am I the 100th or 1 L visitor…!!!?


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Although the banner ads seems intersting however we all know that no one is going to pay you $173 per hours and it tends to get annoying when it flashes on every website or web page you visit, distracting you while you are busy with something else.




Smileys are great! Expressing feelings through smileys is a wonderful way of communication. What irritates internet users is that when this banner appears on the screen, it automatically plays a sound and you tend to act like a rocket scientist trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. Also, if you are working in office and this banner ad appears with the sound, well, no comments…it’s a personal opinion altogether!





It’s a fact; the banner looks ugly and unpleasing. Moreover, the text is demanding – “We want you to take this survey”. You would take the survey only if you want to, you don’t need a command to do that. Move over, it covers a large portion of your screen and seems like a distracting element!


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Are you kidding me!? By just filling up my name, I get a free year to work and live in the United States of America! Chuck it! There’s no point in explaining why this spammy banner ad is annoying and should be avoided. Perhaps, you have a lot more important things to do rather than fill up your name here and end up being a fool!

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