AdWords Editor Latest Version (12.3) Has Been Rolled Out

AdWords Editor Latest Version (12.3) has been rolled out

By DSIM Team / 07/05/2018

Google rolled out the latest model of AdWords Editor this week and it comprises numbers of new options like the ability to obtain search phrases reports, robust filtering options, account-level extension and more.

When seeing key phrase lists in the Editor, users can find a new Search Phrases tab. As shown in the image, by clicking on the Search Phrases tab will fetch a window in which advertisers can choose campaigns, ad groups and the metrics they’re looking to download and analyze. There’s an additional option to save the reporting preferences.

AdWords Editor 2

Advertisers can access eight functions from the advanced search box allowing them to construct queries on items contained in the item being filtered when those items agree on meeting particular criteria.

For instance, advertisers can select for showing campaigns that have less than a certain number of keywords or displaying keywords whose owning ad group meets particular conditions. Advertisers can get more details about the use of these filter functionalities on the help page.

AdWords Editor 3

The Editor of AdWords also backs interest categories for Search and Shopping campaigns, account-level extension associations, TrueView for action campaigns and responsive search ads, which are now available in beta.

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