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Research led by Melanie Green and Timothy Brock reveals that trying to persuade people by telling them stories works extremely well because you can draw them inside the story and get your point across without direct selling.

Now, choosing the right story that can interest your audience can be a challenge but the best tool to broadcast it could be your emails! Well…certainly!

However, the question arises as to how to send so many emails and from where to get so many email id´s.

Well! Like every lock has a key, every problem has a solution! Chillax! Here we go!

I think I don’t need to confirm whether your business is online or not as it must be if you are actually concerned about it! And, why not? You would be! It is your dream! Most primarily, an online Business means you have a website! And, that you must be working hard to get the potential traffic to your website.

Now, here is what you require to do!

As you drive traffic to your website through distinguished channels like social media, AdWords and PPC and so on, you can add an Opt-in form on your website that the visitors need to fill to get the offers that you are giving in exchange for the info. I mean make sure you are politically right and never show that you have some intent to sell something to them, just ask for the information very genuinely. Here your main goal should be give value. That’s it! I know the info. is crucial and you are going to get it! Don’t worry! That’s what we call inbound marketing! 😀

So! Tell them anything that will intrigue them! It could be anything –eBooks, whitepapers, stories, motivating quotes, blog post etc.

Now let me tell you how email starts and finishes its journey. Writing a mail and pressing a send button is a very simple process but how it reaches your customer’s or friend’s inbox is not so simple and it doesn’t reach inbox directly. In fact your email request goes through several checkpoints to filter out spam and all of them can prevent your email from being delivered. As you can see on the above given picture which shows you how your email reaches to the other end. This picture is very clear and self-explanatory.

“76% of emails each day are spam!”

-Symantec MessageLabs (2011)

Spam means a message or text messages which are simultaneously send for commercial purpose through electronic mail to a number of e-mail addresses or mobile phones.

Spam is something that makes the simple process of emailing a subject of learning and developing better understanding of sending emails or say bulk emails so that they can be safe from spam filters. There is no use if your emails are landing anywhere else than the customer’s inbox.

Sending emails efficiently so that they land the inbox of your target audience isn’t difficult
however it requires good information about the filters and checkpoints of spam filters.

Why Email Marketing…

People are updating their knowledge and skill set only because E-mail is the cheapest and the most effective way to reach your customer. You can always send them emails and be in touch with them and update them about the new things happening within your industry or in your company that will build a trust in you and this trust will soon help you in establishing yourself as a brand which means you can create new and more customers.

Study says that there are sent around 122 billion emails per hour. And you will feel happy to know that these mails are read and convert into sales too. Study says that people enjoy getting mails and it is nearly 91% of consumers check their email every day that makes emailing one of the best channels of communication. You should also note that people pay attention to your content of email and its length, subject line, pictures, videos etc that play a very important role in the click through rates (CTR) of your mails.

A few stats to help you understand why email marketing is so crucial for your business:

• Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping.
• Average return on email marketing investment is $44.25 for every $1 spent.
• 82% of consumers open email from companies.
• 33% of emails are opened due to the subject line alone.
• 158% higher CTR if your Emails include social sharing buttons.
• First name in subject line increases the Click through rate (CTR).
• In the year 2013, Email marketing was the third best way for lead generation that produces 13% of all leads.
• 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices.
• 88% prefer to receive HTML emails vs. 12% who prefer plain text from companies.
• People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.

Well! The numbers were enough to tell you on importance of email marketing!


“With great power comes great responsibility!”

So, you really need to be very meticulous at handling your email marketing campaigns. Throwing all the information and so called good stuff such as your blog post or events, interviews etc towards the customers isn’t email marketing at all and that it can be fatal.


“69% of emails are unsubscribed due to too many emails!”

I mean… I don’t say this but the studies dear!

Efficient email marketing is delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time!

Getting good results from your email marketing campaigns isn’t a big deal! You just have to act a little smarter than harder! Be systematic and wise! That’s it!

More you inform the customer, more loyal they will be with you! So, educate them selflessly! You simply do your duty and trust me it works!

Say for instance you sell small batch of roasted coffee beans that you want to promote through email marketing. A regular or weekly or fortnightly email that contains information such as how in various ways coffee can be prepared, from cold press to stove top percolators, brief history of coffee, types of coffee and other such information. Hope you understand what I mean?

So! The bottom line is-“The more you educate, the more informed your customer will be and the more your customer is informed, the more your business will grow!

It is the key mantra an efficient email marketer works upon!

But then!

There are a few more things that need your attention at the same time and that too equivalently such as:

• The content- it should not sound like a sell’s pitch at all!
• The content- it should be relevant and talk about what your customers want to read! Know your customers! So! Research is the word!
• Personalization- you have different types of consumers and it is possible that one information which is very interesting and important for a few may not be so palatable for others so you can segment them and as per your needs and requirements you can classify your consumers and run your campaign and ask them to participate.

Email marketing not only helps you meet the expectation & needs of your consumers but also in building better relationship with them that too very cost effectively.

The ‘Auto Responders’: Only for You! 🙂

Do you know there is something called “Auto Responder”? It is like your autopilot on a plane. All you need is to input your settings and autopilot will take care of rest other things. Email marketing has a tool called Auto responder. Suppose someone signs up for your newsletter and you have scheduled the delivery from your Email Service Provider account then auto responder will automatically send the message. Not only it saves your time and money but also it’s crucial to stay in touch with costumer.

Here are some stats to tell you why auto responders have become so important these days:

• 10% of subscriber purchase after the first email contact.
• It is seen that subscriber goes for purchase after 4 to 5 email contacts.

Finally! …The Most Primary Benefits of Email marketing!


It’s Simple

Sending email is now a child’s play. It’s easy and simple. One can send emails anytime. It is a very popular method to distribute information to a wide range of specific, potential clients at a low cost to you.

Low Cost

Now a day companies try to use the best method to inform about them in a fast, effective and economical way. Sending Email is very easy, fast and economical mode of communication. Now companies try to avoid sending printed newsletters. Here, we have software that supports knowledge about how many emails are read by your customers.

Environment Friendly

Papers are made from wood and it is good to make minimal use of paper to save the forest and environment. Several companies force on paperless environment. Companies and individuals use email marketing because it is not only cheaper but environment-friendly.

It’s Easy to Track

A user can track user via analytics, bounce messages, un-subscribers, click-throughs, etc. These can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, and correlate sales with marketing.

Opt in or Unsubscribe Options

There is a feature of opt in or opt out options that you can use on your website which can help you get prospects online. People who want to get your message or update will happily give you their email address. And…if they don’t want your email by any chance, they can unsubscribe. This gives them an option which is very helpful for your business.

Fast Response

With your traditional post one has to wait long for the reply. One can send e-mail and soon one can get response. This will not only save your time but also increase your online sales.

It has a Global Reach

You can open your emails anywhere you go. It is a very big advantage. This keeps you connected. Now a day you can open your email even on your mobile.

Highly Personal

Personalization is a very important factor to build up relationship with your clients or with anyone, which works wonder for your business. You have a plethora have ways to personalize your emails in the best way possible.

Measurable Results

There are several kinds of software that can accurately measure your click through rate (CTR) and conversation rate. It can track even how someone arrived at your site, and more.

Targeted Marketing

There is a feature that allows you to target a specific audience based on geography, age, income, or whatever criteria suits your requirements. Suppose you feel a particular age group or segment can be more beneficial for business if you offer them any discount coupon or so within a specific geographical area then you can do this also. This feature is not so easy in print marketing.


Email marketing opens wide options so it is also very interactive. You can start campaigns using videos, graphics, music, quizzes, a game, or anything that can help you draw in your targeted client.

What DSIM covers in Email Marketing?

At DSIM, you get to cover in and out of Email Marketing starting from its introduction to how to conduct it efficiently, its challenges, solutions to the challenges, getting hands on legitimate or say opt-in email marketing and a lot more. Experts@DSIM share with you some awesome tips on increasing email subscription or the opt-in list and also on retaining your subscribers. You can create your own email list of millions of email id’s. They also share with you how to write a good email creative or html template and what are the email marketing best practices. This is just a gist of what you will learn @DSIM, for the detailed course curriculum, you can always download it on DSIM’s website or simply click here!

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