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Facebook rolled out 4 major video updates on February 14, 2017 to make the experience of watching video richer, flexible and more engaging.

The four major updates are as follows:

1) To bring Sound to Videos in News Feed

Video in news feed used to play silently; you need to tap on the video for sound. The social network has tested sound on videos in News Feed and received positive feedback. With this new update, the sound fades in and out as you scroll through it.

If you do not like the updated feature, then you can also disable it by going to Settings and switching off ‘Videos in News Feed start With Sound’. And, if you have kept your mobile on silent, then it will not play with sound.

2) Lets you watch a video and scroll through News Feed

Now, you can minimize the video you are watching, which will keep playing in the corner of your screen in a picture-in-picture view while you can keep browsing your News Feed.

The video can be dragged to any corner of the screen. And, Android users can keep the video playing even after exiting the Facebook app.

3) A New Facebook Video App for TV

This new application will be rolled out soon to various app stores like Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. And with time it will be rolled out to more platforms. Last year, it rolled out the ability to stream videos from Facebook on TV and with this update it expands this capability. You can also save the videos on this app to watch later.

4) Better Looking Vertical Videos on Mobile Devices

The social networking platform has made changes to vertical videos, so that they may appear better on mobile phones. In 2016, it tested a larger preview of vertical videos in News Feed on mobile. So, now it updates vertical videos with a larger format after receiving positive feedback.

Hope, that these new updates will enhance video watching experience on Facebook.

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