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It has always been a topic to ponder over for the advertiser whether to opt for Google or Facebook when it comes to the world of advertising. Both Google and Facebook provide a huge potential of customer database and are the prime source of internet marketing. There are different aspects to consider when opting for PPC model of advertising.

Facebook has reached youth vastly and a Facebook session is longer than a Google search session. A user browses the Facebook page while search time on Google homepage is hardly for a minute. Looking from that point of view, Facebook presents a greater potential for advertisers than Google. As user is spending more time on Facebook, there is a greater chance for him to get influenced and click on the advertisement. One aspect of general human behavior can be applied here that if one looks repeatedly on an idea for a considerable amount of time, one will be curious to explore its potential. Since Facebook is far reaching and connected to world, one is not just bounded with his/her interests but also the interest of his connections and this may be a vastly effective for the advertiser.

On the other hand, if Google is considered for advertising, a larger market of audience gets open for advertiser. Although the time spend by the user on Google search is lesser than that on a Facebook page, the frequency of visiting Google is far higher than Facebook. For every little detail or search, Google is a prime option of many whether it’s office, home or people on-the-go. A large number of audiences like to visit the Facebook account, once they are relaxed from their daily work or routine but Google for them is one unavoidable thing for the whole day. If we look again towards the human nature, a person is more likely to get influence by advertisements on Google as he/she is visiting it 20 times more than Facebook.

Also, Google advertising is not restricted to its homepage only because off its multiple online partners. The Google advertising is extend to its partnered websites also. It provides a larger extent of audience than Facebook. While Facebook deals in a friendly and personal way, Google has much more knowledge of a user’s interest than Facebook, thus, presenting a wider array of market and business growth opportunities. Google target an audience based on the recent and past web searches making a promising advertisement site for audience as well s advertiser. Google also assures to target people of all ages as it has a wider reach in terms of age-group than Facebook.

Concluding, Google PPC is better than Facebook PPC as it provides higher growth factors for business. The number of visits Google has in comparison with Facebook and its strategy for advertising with the help of its numerous online partners proves to be much assuring than Facebook PPC. Also, the integration of Google+ is sure to give a run for advertisers on Facebook.

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