Got Promising Job, Credit Goes To DSIM!

Got Promising Job, Credit Goes To DSIM!

By DSIM Team / 16/11/2016
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An Interview with Faheem Hassan, SEO Trainee at Acelerar Technologies and DSIM’s Ex-trainee

Our conversation with Faheem Hassan, DSIM’s Ex-Trainee, share his views on digital marketing and experiences.

Q1. Hi Faheem, you have done MBA in marketing and did an internship in ICEC, after that you chose digital marketing training from DSIM. Tell us what inspired you to go for Digital Marketing Training?
Ans. I completed MBA and internship at an Event management company namely, “India china Economic Cultural council (ICEC)” and recently digital Marketing training at DSIM. Being as a Marketing Student, it was need of an hour to penetrate myself in current marketing dynamics and it didn’t seem fitting myself in doing traditional way of Marketing, achieve targets by doing door to door Sales. Because I am the guy who wants to work as Strategist in Marketing, not a Sales Man reason being am have poor convincing power.
Q2. Congratulations Faheem! We came to know that you have got a decent job. So, how it feels like?
Ans. Thanks a lot! Well, it’s a good feeling and the credit goes totally to DSIM trainers from whom I learn a lot in DSIM, all I can say is thank you. It’s all their efforts that make me believing in hard work.
Q3. So, what all projects are you handling at your job?
Ans. Well, I am working as an SEO trainee at Acelerar Technologies. Our team is presently working on a project, “Virtual Employee” and simultaneously we work on many projects. Also, I work on social media marketing of the company.
Q4. We are curious to know that, Why DSIM, what was the reason that you selected it over quite a lot of others institutes?
Ans. Basically, I searched on the internet and find it a sound institute then I joined a demo class with Karan Sharma as host. Honestly, I was impressed with the way he teaches and knowledge in depth he has then I thought it is a good institute where I can learn a lot and amend my skills.
Q5. Faheem, how did you get this job and will you please brief us about the interview procedure for our readers?
Ans. I got a lot of job opportunities from DSIM placement. I applied and one day a consultancy called me for virtual employee profile and fixed the interview. I cracked the three rounds of tests. I came to know the key to Crack the interview is communication skills, confidence, knowledge about the concern specialization and the awareness of job profile needs.

Q6.Notable Faheem! Digital marketing has become one of the highly flourishing industry today. What`s your view on this?
Ans. Digital marketing is an enlightened field. Today, every organization in the world is looking for new improvements, solutions, and applications to promote their products and services in the digital sphere. To get into Digital Marketing, you need to recognize your interests and strengths in order to make a right decision to specialize into a particular area of Digital Marketing.
Q7. It’s nice talking to you Faheem. At the end, Share your message to masses about a career in digital marketing?
Ans. The world is going Digital and by the year 2020, all the companies around the world including India will have an online presence and thus generating a lot of career opportunities. With technology developing every day, you have to constantly improve your digital marketing skills so that your career keeps growing.
Faheem Hassan completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in July 2016.
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