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Evalueserve provides knowledge services to a global client base, including Investment, Commercial and Retail Banks; Insurance Companies; Private Equity Firms; Corporates; Consulting and Research Firms; Law Firms; and Intellectual Property Firms. Evalueserve’s expertise covers areas, such as Financial and Investment Research, Business Research, Market Research, Intellectual Property, Data Analytics and Knowledge Technology Services.


challengeE • Identifying the key contacts at organisations for the initial contact and scheduling meetings with these contacts
• Reaching clients through traditional media and cold-calling without the right background information seemed in effective
• Get the present and prospective clients to recognize the company as a large knowledge services firm


solutionE • The controlled use of forums for the distribution of white papers, articles, etc on LinkedIn was encouraged by the company’s marketing communication team for answering questions asked by members, researching events, branding and more.
• InMails were sent or connections through groups or forums were established
• New white papers were systematically posted (excerpts or links) in relevant groups or forums.
• Selected professionals of Evalueserve regularly browsed LinkedIn forums to post advice on queries
• The Marketing communication team also regularly checks forums and questions, and arranges answers/forum posts to be published.



ResultE Lead generation

The Sales team gains direct access to C-Level people without having to go through numerous rounds of calls with secretaries. Using LinkedIn, one gets to know the focus of the profile being contacted and can customize the pitch accordingly to garner maximum interest. This helps the company in reaching the right audience, saving a lot of time and improving their success rate.

Brand building

By posting white papers on LinkedIn, the company has received several requests from traditional media or blogs. Several Client Engagement Managers have also received messages through LinkedIn about their posts. The company has also noticed the influx of external recommendations on LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn for marketing has helped them to improve thier visibility and catch the attention of their target audience.

The Take-away

An effective keyword search helps in reaching out to the right people. A useful tip for lead generation is to check the list of people who have viewed your profile as it clearly tells you about the candidates who seem interested in your company, and the prospects thereafter are more than cold calls.

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