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10 Marketing Research Tools You Always Wanted To Know

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In today’s world, market research is essential to you and your brand’s continuing success. From product design to customer service needs, evaluating what’s happening outside of your four walls is essential for your roadmap.

And, understanding your audience is one of the keys to success with marketing.

Because the market is in a constant state of change, knowing what makes your clients tick is a key to keeping you ahead of your competitors. And, Market research is the best way to do this.

So, here are 10 tools for conducting market research with a technical mindset…

#1 Typeform

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Typeform is a survey provider that specifies in beautifully designed online forms & surveys and excellent user experiences for online market research surveys. It’s an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized form builder tool that’s great for collecting feedback.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Build beautiful, cross-device online forms, surveys & more
  • Free plan with unlimited questions & responses
  • Design your own themes or use a template
  • Wide choice of pop-up & embed options
  • Split-device metrics
  • Fully customizable self-notifications (emails)

Free/ Subscription

#2 AYTM (Ask Your Target Market)

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AYTM is a tool for creating surveys quickly and efficiently and then being able to send them onto as many as 4.5 million people as defined by your market demographics.

Businesspeople and organizations choose AYTM for their market research tool because it is known as being “better, faster, and cheaper.”

Key Features & Benefits
  • Easy and affordable access
  • Custom prequalification questions for precise targeting
  • Video questions and responses
  • 10 traits supplied with each respondent
  • Live support 24/7/365
  • Turnaround prediction

Free/ Subscription

#3 Userlytics

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Userlytics offers a platform for doing user testing of mobile apps, videos, display ads, and more. Companies can compare the user answers with their reactions on video to understand how people are really cooperating with your creative.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Capture emotional engagement
  • Share results with colleagues and clients
  • Download and share key clips
  • Time saver
  • Performs both a webcam and a screen recording


#4 Ubersuggest

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Ubersuggest is an excellent tool for doing keyword and content research. You simply input a keyword and this engine will provide you with ideas.

Key Benefits & Features
  • Comprehensive Keyword Results
  • Incredibly Easy to Use
  • Real, Reliable Data
  • User-centered design


#5 HubSpot Research

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HubSpot Research provides website traffic considering industry, or effective advertising is in different regions around the world.

You can also use HubSpot Research’s  presentation-builder tool to easily compile stats and charts into a customized slide deck.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Marketing automation
  • Email campaign management
  • Marketing Channel Analytics
  • CTA reporting
  • Full-funnel Analytics


#6 Survey Monkey 

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SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular web-based survey tool. It is creating in-depth surveys that will help you understand the market and consumer preferences.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Powerful, yet simple survey creation
  • Export Results to Excel and PDF
  • Fast & flexible response gathering
  • Intelligent reporting & analysis
  • Survey Templates
  • Customizable Survey Links and Design Themes

Free/ Subscription

#7 Loop11

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Loop11 is the SurveyMonkey of usability testing, giving people a platform where they can get quantitative and qualitative usability metrics easily and affordably.

It lets you create your own form and recruit people to take the test through your own website or by using a partner service, such as Cint.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Easy step-by-step wizard
  • Set tasks as well as questions
  • Support over 40 languages
  • No JavaScript code to install
  • Create a website link or pop-up
  • Recruit participants using an online panel
  • Simplified reporting
  • Real-time usability metrics at your fingertips

Free/ Subscription

#8 Temper

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A super simple way to collect feedback, Temper asks a reader or customer to simply click a smiley face to relate their feelings on a topic. It lets you add a question, grab a snippet of code, and pop it onto your website.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Create Questions
  • Measure customer mood
  • Spot frustrating experiences
  • Know your product pulse
  • User targeting
  • Ability to provide great customer service


#9 MakeMyPersona

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Hubspot recently launched their “Make My Persona” tool designed to simplify the persona building process. It generates buyer personas for you once you answer a series of questions about your ideal customers.

It offers plenty of guidance throughout the process, making it really easy for you to sort through the information you have about your ideal audience.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Interactive web tool
  • Easy to follow form layout
  • Semi-fictional representation
  • Good representation of possible persona pictures


#10 Social Mention

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Social Mention is a real-time social media search and analysis tool and monitors more than 80 social media sites and “aggregates user generated content from across the web into a single stream of information.”

Search for a keyword, and Social Mention will show you recent social posts that contain that keyword, along with a list of related keywords and other insights.

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It is a great choice as a market research tool because it determines the strength, sentiment, passion, and reach for your brand.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Provides point-in-time social media search and analysis
  • Daily social media alerts
  • Provides a third-party API
  • Monitors the most popular social media sources, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, and more


Learning about your audience can be a great step towards creating shareable and engaging content. The above-mentioned great tools offer you market research and better insights for online customers. Any of the tools would be a great beginning idea for market research and discovery.

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