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Google My Business Update Now Rolling Out to More Users


Google has announced rolling out an updated version of “My Business” more widely, which was first introduced in last November.

When Google first revealed the updated GMB interface, designed for users to manage multiple listings, it was released to a limited number of businesses. Now, it’s being made available to more users in the US. Previously, it was most common for European users to report being moved over to the new interface.

The new interface is said to be easier to navigate, with added abilities.

What’s changing?

  • Users will no longer need to switch between card and list view within their dashboard, all users, large and small, will be using the same interface.
  • The new dashboard is much easier to navigate, allowing you to click into a listing and editing within the same window.
  • Features such as Posts and Insights are now more easily accessible, displaying on the side navigation panel of the main page.
  • Adding more listings will no longer impact the loading speed of the page.
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