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Twitter, allowing you see what the entire world is thinking & doing is a great stage and helps you fuel your blog or business just with the benefit of a single tweet of 140 characters. The media is influential enough for promotion as users here can see updates and news in a moment.

On Twitter, the more followers you have, the more grows the chance to make your brand get the exposure. However, it is not always easy to have an enthralled list of Twitter Followers, you need to pave your way towards building an early following and then, further taking it to a next level. It’s at first an empty space a user exclusively changes into an open, vigorous space.

And the trouble is that most of the times, businesses don’t know how to use it effectively. There are several great practices Twitter has and it gives you tailored usages and to range people who you essentially want to connect with.

The post gives you few chosen ways to increase your Twitter Followers and shape an unaffected community that really benefits your business for the long run. Yet, before that lets know what closely are the benefits and features that this ‘real time social networking site’ has for you.

  • Attracts more engagement; you can simply coagulate your branding
  • Tweets enjoy increased visibility
  • Reaches bigger pool of people; it’s easy to generate leads
  • Community-building

Though Twitter has great paid ads preferences for attaining followers, but here we would only seek the free ways. Consider the brought strategies and start structuring your Twitter followers the precise way with actual benefits for your business.

1) Tweet often:  Whenever you publish a new post/tweet, you draw in more followers. Through a regular stream of tweets, you are growing your visibility and therefore, the chances of possible followers finding you increase as well. Do this but not in bursts.

2) Have a perfect bio: Your bio is what followers read after noticing your profile. Keep it real, professional and complete and let it describe who you are and what you do.

3) Follow others: It works, it really works. Ensure you follow people with a strong foundation in your niche, this helps you get noticed and people potentially find interest in following you back.

4) Flaunt your twitter account: Promote your twitter handle at every possible place. You can leverage your social media accounts to do the same. This allows you to share your thoughts, interact with audience and offer engagement to them. You can also refer your twitter username in your e-mail signature.

5) Use hashtags:  Using hashtags in your Tweets assists users find your content and thereby, entice new followers to the brand. Many Twitteratis search using specific hashtags for the latest updates and this helps increase your visibility.

6) Embed a link: Including links offer coverage and promotion. Studies say that tweets with links have improved chance of getting retweets than those without.

7) Included images: Using images in your tweets pulls in more engagement and escalates your Twitter followers. You can use featured images or implement Twitter Cards.

8) Use tools: Tool like Hootusite or SproutSocial helps you plan your tweet timing, regularizing your presence and so, increasing your followers list.

9) Reply and comment on relevant tweets: The activity aids you add your voice into a continuing conversation and get engaged with the users on a deeper level.

10) Tweet during peak time:  It’s essential to tweet your posts at the correct time when users remain active. The best times to tweet are before individuals go to work in the morning (before 9 am) and after they come back in the evening (nearby 6pm).

11) Use keywords: Using keywords into conversations identified with your business help you reach influencers and accordingly, spread the name of your business.

12) Ask for Retweets: Getting retweets says that your business is being shared. Be straight and ask your followers to support you.

13) Refer to users: When responding or stating influential users, make sure @mention them. Finding out own names, people become prone to get engaged with your shared tweets.

14) Reply Publically: When you do this, you let people to see your response. The activity presents you as a savvy Twitter user and grows followers in the process.

15) Promote your username offline: You should promote your Twitter profile offline as well. Doing it, you can mention your Twitter handle on business cards or store signage.

16) Get engaged with Twitter big fishes: If you can do this, you can possibly get great exposure on getting their responses. Do this with consistency and experience growth in numbers of followers.

17) Listen to relevant conversations: It’s really prolific to know other Twitter users’ opinion of your brand, product or service. You can use a tool like Social Mention or do this by Twitter search.

18) Tweet informative content: Posting whatever you have must be valuable and relevant. This should go without saying, as without this, your follower count will never increase.

19) Be a resource: Try to give great means to followers and remain helpful and supportive. Make people get benefits from your tweets and they will get more likely to follow you.

20) Share news: News is considered as a standout amongst the retweeted types of content and you can share the news relevant to your audience.

21) Run rewarding contests: Running contests are compelling in getting consideration for your brand and saves your presence against being monotonous. Be aware with the twitter contest rules and follow accordingly.

Unless you are a celebrity or a big name, you have to work on the road towards building and increasing your following on Twitter. Keeping candid approach and using simple strategies, you can modestly communicate with your followers and get it done.

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