1) Marketing budgets on video ads are increasing each day. More and more companies are raising the budget for video ads (31% of total amount in ads in Q1 2015).

2) Facebook CTR is increasing year over year with a rate of 266%. The average CTR across all Facebook campaigns continues to rise, showing no signs of slowing down.

3) Facebook eCost per Click is down by 17% from last quarter. Facebook CPC generally follows a seasonal trend, with CPCs being more expensive in summer and around the holidays.

4) Facebook eCost per Mille (CPM) has seen a growth of 490% year over year. Facebook eCPM seems to have leveled off after a meteoric rise over the last year, showing virtually no change from last quarter.

5) Total number of active Facebook advertisers around the globe is over 2 million.This stat is a result of the ROI of the advertisement.

6) With the introduction of smart phones among the target customers, 57% of total Facebook advertising budget is dedicated to mobile.

7) Average Facebook ad click through rate (CTR) is 15%. This is the proportion of people actually clicking on any hyperlink to open the page.

8) Campaign like PPC is very important for any business. Average Facebook Ad cost per click (CPC) is $0.27 and average Facebook Ad cost per impression (CPI) is $4.03.

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9) Looking the success of Facebook advertisements, number of small and medium businesses advertising on Facebook has raised over 1 million (2013).

10) Most of the Facebook users are from outside US. So advertisers are targeting those customers for their sales. Percentage of Facebook advertising that targets regions outside of the US is 52% (2014).

11) There is a continuous rise in increase in Facebook ads. Increase in Facebook ads that users saw from Q1 2013- Q1 2014 is 40% more ads (2014).

12) Not surprisingly… Percentage of social marketers that use Facebook advertisement is 92%.

13) Digital advertisement market is growing day by day in which Facebook’s share of the global mobile digital advertising market is 18.4% (2014).

14) Average increase in Facebook advertising Cost per Mille from November 2013-November 2014 is 7 times.

15) Average increase in Facebook advertising Return over Investment (ROI) from November 2013- November 2014 is 2 times.

16) Recently an addition of Call-to-action button has lifted the overall Click through Rate (CTR)for a Facebook ad to 2.85 times.

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17 ) Percentage of total retail Facebook ads that appear in newsfeed is 57% and ROI for retail Facebook advertisers is 152%.

18) Businesses are increasing their promotion using their own Facebook page. Currently total number of Facebook pages promoting posts is above 500000 (2013).

19) With the rise in e-commerce websites, Facebook has also seen hike in social referral programs. Facebook percentage of all social referrals to ecommerce sites is 60% (2013).

20) Average ecommerce order value from a Facebook referral is $85.87 (2013).

21) Increase in Facebook social referrals from September 2013- January 2014 is 56.28%.

22) Increase in Facebook mobile social referrals from September 2013- January 2014 is 197.24%.

23) With the increase in the mobile advertisement market, Facebook’s share of worldwide mobile internet ad revenue in 2014 was listed to be 21.7%.

24) Percentage of Facebook’s revenue that comes from mobile is 59%.

25) Total revenue of Facebook in 2012, 2013 and 2014 was $5.09 billion, $7.87 billion and $12.45 billion respectively.

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