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Twitter is failing to keep place in the marketing game, though being a great platform for engaging with a large and influential audience.

According to the report, on average, 6,000 tweets are sent on Twitter in a single second. This corresponds to 500 million tweets in a day.

Twitter Marketing is tricky and has limitations. You only have 140-characters and there is no edit button, which means your single mistake could reach to millions in a second. That’s why it is important to play smart.

And, if you play your cards correctly, you can gain all the benefits of this great social media platform.

Here are 4 Twitter marketing brand examples to give you an impression of why it’s not the time to lay it off. It’s still powerful.

4 Successful Brand using Twitter Marketing-

#1 Oreo

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About Oreo

Oreo is a commercial brand of cookies made up of two chocolate wafers with a sweet creme filling in between, and is promoted as “Chocolate Sandwich Cookies” on the package.

The Opportunity

Oreo’s (‎@Oreo) new Oreo Chocolate Candy bars had hit the market, and it was looking for ways to increase the world’s appetite for its launch.

It entered in the IMDb Oscar party live stream. With the specific goal to reach millions of famished viewers and reach a new audience for ‎#OreoChocolateCandy, Oreo sponsored Twitter’s IMDB Live Viewing Party.

The Strategy

Oreo created a campaign that would run before, during, and after the IMDB Oscars live stream.

It also dialed up its cultural importance and added to conversations around the Oscars by creating Moments, capturing highlights from the live-streamed party.

Before the party started-
  • Oreo promoted a 30-second teaser video engaging viewers to the live viewing party and introducing them to its ‎#OreoChocolateCandy.
  • During the Oscars, Oreo promoted the live stream to a targeted audience to bring new audience to the show.
  • With a non-skippable pre-roll ad running before the live stream, Oreo raised awareness for ‎#OreoChocolateCandy.

Steps to success

#1 Your product, live on Twitter

Oreo embraced Twitter’s real-time nature to increase exposure for the ‎#OreoChocolateCandy.

#2 Twitter can boost your ad spend everywhere

Oreo’s In-Stream Video Ads during the live stream supported its overall ‎#OreoChocolateCandy launch while raising its brand awareness to a new group during a significant cultural event.

#3 Be what people are talking about

Oscar’s audiences create conversations while lively between TV, Twitter, and other digital mediums.

Twitter is a key channel for brands to become a part of these conversations.

 “Twitter was the answer in driving additional reach to our Oreo Chocolate Oscars campaign and over-delivered our audience expectations.”- Ivelisse Roche, Associate Director, Global Media and Consumer Engagement

Key Results

  • 39.5M impressions
  • 11M unique reach
  • 2.4M watched through #OreoChocolateCandy

#2 Target

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About Target

Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the US.

Target quick facts-
  • 1,816 stores in the US
  • 39 distribution centers in the US
  • 323,000 team members worldwide
  • Online Business At Target.Com
  • Global Locations In India

The opportunity

Target (‎@Target) wanted to understand how interactions with people on Twitter affected brand loyalty and perception.

The retail brand has been a pioneer in interacting with Twitter users, regularly using the platform for customer service and customer engagement. ‎

They wanted to know what impact these relations have on its brand image amongst people who are not directly involved in a contact but see it due to Twitter’s public nature.

The Strategy

Twitter surveyed a cross-section of Target customers who use to measure how ‎@Target‘s interactive approach impacted brand insight.

They carried out a Nielsen Brand Effect study to further study these effects on a promoted campaign.

This kind of research helps brands understand how their relations change what their customers.

Steps to success

#1 Engagement creates emotional attachment

The public nature of Twitter means that communications are visible to all users and a customer’s problem being solved or an entertaining, fun interaction can create a positive view of a brand.

Connecting with people forms an emotional attachment that can positively impact people’s willingness to pay.

#2 Engagement reaches less frequent shoppers

A well-managed Promoted Tweet campaign that engages users can entice even irregular users to shop: they created an 8% increase in shopping intent amongst those who shop only once a month with Promoted Tweets.

#3 Promote & Engage

The research proves that the most effective formula for building positive brand feeling is Promoted Tweets plus communication.

Promoted Tweets that boost users to respond and a brand that responds to these Tweets create positive relations with the brand much more successfully than promotion alone.

Key Results

  • 69% more likely to shop with interactive brands
  • 58% more loyal to Target
  • 62% more likely to use Target for service
  • Target increased brand love by 11%

#3 Motorola

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About Motorola

Motorola created the mobile communications industry and exists to invent, build, and deliver the best mobile devices on the planet.

The Opportunity

Motorola was looking for a new and innovative way to promote the new Moto Z smartphone, which consists of snap-on modules called Moto Mods that add a camera, an extra battery, a JBL speaker, and other features.

Motorola wanted an innovative and unusual way to show off this unique smartphone to its audience.

The Strategy

Twitter partnered with Motorola creative agency Ogilvy & Mather and Public is Media’s Motomentum to create ‎#InASnap, which used First View, Promoted Trend, and a custom finger snap emoji.

This campaign was created to highlight the innovative features of the phone to users who were looking for a new device, and to inspire them to rethink how they might use a phone that offers more flexibility.

In addition, Motorola used conversational ads to reward its audience to respond by offering a Moto Z and Moto Mods package as a prize.

This was paired with an on-the-ground activation on the New York High Line that let people get hands-on time with the Moto Mods.

Steps to success

#1 Grab People’s Attention

By presenting the new features of the Moto Z in an innovative way, ‎#InASnap”>‎#InASnap made people take notice of the new features.

#2 Inspire Imagination

The campaign inspired users to imagine how they can use Moto Mods by illustrating how they could integrate the mods into their lives.

#3 Drive Purchase

By sharing related content with customers in the market for a device or mobile mod, Motorola was able to better gauge purchase intent among its target audience.

“Using the combination of Twitter First View, Promoted Trend, and a custom branded emoji allowed us unparalleled reach for our brand, as well as a great way to extend our brand message at scale.”- Beth Reilly, Head of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Motorola

Key Results

  • 3X lift in follows compared to daily average
  • 19X lift in daily average mentions
  • 87.5M brand impressions

#4 Toyota

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About Toyota

Toyota is one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers, and one of the most widely known companies, in the world today.

The Opportunity

Toyota (‎@Toyota), wanted to deepen its relationship with a progressively important audience: Latino millennials, who publish and interact with concert-related social content at a higher rate than other groups.

They took this insight and sponsored two summer music events: Chicago’s Lollapalooza and San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival.

The Strategy

With ‎@Toyota’s longtime Hispanic marketing agency ‎@Conill, Twitter became essential in strengthening the relationship with the target audience.

 “Our main focus was a Twitter conversation between a brand, celebrity, and fan. This tactic allowed the brand to deliver real-time surprises, which were both organic to festival noise and appropriate for fans not at the festivals.”- Andy Nelson, VP, Director of Social Media/Content Production at @Conill

Also, Grammy-nominated Mexican singer-songwriter Ximena Sariñana (‎@ximenamusic) was the perfect campaign partner because of her social influence and status as a past performer at the festivals.

“Working with an influencer/artist like Ximena brings our story to life and authentically connects the brand with people through music. This is exactly the type of engagement we are seeking in our activations.”- Florence Drakton, Manager, Social Media Strategy & Operations, Toyota

Steps to success

#1 Surprise and delight your audience

Toyota Latino (‎@ToyotaLatino) monitored conversations on Twitter throughout the 10-day period and responded in real time to fans engaging with both ‎@ximenamusic and the brand. “We looked at Tweets that tagged ‎@ToyotaLatino and hashtagged ‎#VayamosJuntos.

#2 Partner with influencers to expand your reach and engagement

Toyota was able to own virtually all Latino social chatter surrounding the festivals by partnering with only Latino performers at the events, including popular Colombian band Bomba Estéreo (‎@bombaestereo) and Francisca Valenzuela (‎@franciscamusic), an American-born Chilean singer-songwriter, poet and multi-instrumentalist.

#3Target the right audience

‎@ToyotaLatino targeted Promoted Tweets to keywords such as the festival hashtags ‎#OL2014 and ‎#Lolla.

It also used ‎@username targeting to reach users similar to the followers of such artists as ‎@bombaestereo. Paid media supported Tweets with dynamic and interesting content during ‎@ximenamusic’s journey to the concerts.

Key Results

  • 4M+ impressions
  • 234K engagements- 5X the engagement rate goal
  • 1K+ new followers
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