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Facebook’s recent VR interaction demo at the Oculus event demonstrated that social media interaction through virtual reality is not that way off as it might seem.

On December 12, 2016 Facebook announced, a new way to go live by using Live 360 degree. It will take people into new experiences and environment, right as they happen.

The users will soon be able to shoot Facebook Live videos in 360 degrees. And, this marks the next step in the evolution of online video content.

This all new feature gives users an immediate, authentic window to know what’s happening around the world. The best part of this is that the viewers fully get immersed into the scene and explore more about a new atmosphere.

On Tuesday, December 13, 2016 – A live 360-degree video is scheduled to be launched on Facebook with National Geographic that will get live from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah. In the video, scientists will emerge from the pond where they have been living from the past 80 days. They will take you behind the scenes to explore the living conditions there. This first video will also have a Q&A with a line-up of science experts, thinkers, writers and will also consider questions from the Facebook audience.

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This option will be available to more pages through the Live API in the upcoming months. And, will be broadly rolled out for all Pages and Profiles in 2017.

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