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1) Snapchat launch date: September 2011

2) Number of Snapchat users: 100 million daily active users

3) Percentage of Snapchat daily users that contribute content: 65%

4) Average number of photos shared on Snapchat every second: 9,000 snaps per second

5) Number of Snapchat daily video views: 8 billion

6) Percentage of Snapchat users that use it daily: 54%

7) Percentage of Male College Students that share selfies on Snapchat: 50%

8) Percentage of Female College Students that share selfies on Snapchat: 77%

9) Average amount of in-app time spent daily per Snapchat user: 30 minutes per day

10) Snapchat’s reported 2014 revenue total: $3 million

11) Snapchat’s estimated 2015 projected revenue: $50 million

12) Snapchat’s most popular feature: Stories

13) Number of Snapchat Stories viewed per day: 1 billion

14) Average number of daily stories on Snapchat Discover: 110 stories per day

15) Number of Snapchat snaps per day: 400 million

16) Percentage of Snapchat users that purchase products online: 76%

17) Reported value of Snapchat: $15 billion

18) Minimum age required to use Snapchat: 13

19) Average number of people Snapchat’s Live Stories draw daily: 20 million

20) Reported amount Snapchat paid for Looksery: $150 million

21) Amount Facebook reportedly offered to buy Snapchat for: $3 billion

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