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Why Google AdWords Certification Doesn’t Matter

By DSIM Team / 18/04/2014
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Last updated on October 17th, 2016 at 04:58 pm

You are working in PPC, which is believed to be more productive than the traditional marketing, and you looking for a PPC expert, consultant or an agency?

You must be looking for an Adwords Certified expert!


But let me tell you an Adwords certification hardly matters!


Here are a few reasons as to why Google Adwords Certification doesn’t matter.


One can cheat

128Clearing a Google Adwords certification exam doesn’t mean you are expert in PPC as you can always clear the exam by cheating since the exam is more like a ‘take home’ test. You can anytime during the test search the Google Support pages for the correct answer as now you can open any additional tabs in your browser during the test, which was not possible a year ago. So, the good news is you can easily clear the Google Adwords certification exam but the bad news is so can any self-proclaimed expert.Anyway, if you running a Google Adwords Advertising Campaign yourself, you can get some great tips here!

Experience matters

220No matter what kind of but hands on experience in any component of digital marketing is really required whether it is Google Adwords , search engine optimization, email marketing or just any component as digital marketing is less about theories and more about practical. There are so many things in PPC marketing that require in-depth knowledge and hands on experience from you. You need to know how to get your quality scores increase, how to go about automatic bidding and so on.To Know more about running an effective PPC Marketing Campaign read our article where we have explained it in detail.

Expertise is required anyway

318You might clear the exam by taking any external help but what would you do if your employer will ask you to carry out PPC marketing campaigns. You could be a certified PPC manager and somebody might hire you looking at your certification but what if you are unable to give results later on. And, being an employer if you have hired one such candidate, you are for sure going to waste your time and money on him. Hence, make sure you check the knowledge and experience while hiring a PPC manager rather than looking for Google Adwords Certification as the core qualification.

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