3 Hidden Tools To Improve YouTube Video Exposure

3 Hidden Tools to Improve YouTube Video Exposure


Need more individuals to watch your YouTube videos? Thinking about how to outperform your rivals in YouTube search?

You’ll find top 3 useful tools so that you can improve the quality as well as exposure to your YouTube videos.


1) Use Soovle to Assess YouTube Competitor Content by Keyword

Soovle is a quite old tool, but not a famous one. This is because if you’re making video content for your business, the tool provides search suggestions for Amazon and eBay along with your YouTube suggestions.

To use Soovle, navigate to the home page, and click on the YouTube icon to reach the top of the page.


Then put your market-defining keyword and see the result.


After that click on any of the given YouTube search suggestions and you’ll get the top-ranking YouTube videos for that keyword.


If combined with the TubeBuddy tool, the tool offers a more effective result.

2) Use Google Trends, Keyword Keg, and Keywords Everywhere Altogether

There are other tools that can work great for getting exposure to your YouTube videos, and they include the combination of Google Trends with Keyword Keg and Keywords Everywhere.

YouTube’s autocompleted feature quickly finds out the current trend of search on the platform.

You can see the below-given image; the typing is stopped before reaching the end, allowing YouTube to serve some of its most searched-for queries about the keyword.

You’ll also find some additional metrics; particularly search volume, CPC, and competition. If you add free Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension to your browser and that will automatically bring in the data.


In the Keyword Keg tool, add the keywords you want to search and create a list of keywords for videos to be created in future by you.


Tools, Keywords Everywhere and Keyword Keg work with Google Trends. When you put your interesting search terms into Google Trends, ensure you choose YouTube Search.

You’ll find the same trends graphs which you generally see, but after scrolling down, you can find additional data with actual search volumes.


3) TubeBuddy- A Perfect Tool YouTube Video Optimization

TubeBuddy is a dashboard and browser extension and when you integrate it with YouTube, you become able to assess and optimize the content of your competitor’s videos.

It gives you an additional sort of details you won’t get anywhere else.

Search Explorer

The Search Explorer appears on the top of the videos which you’re exploring and offers the following information-

  • Keywords Score
  • Keyword Stats
  • Related Searches
  • Most Used Tags



TubeBuddy’s Videolytics section enables you to examine how good your competitor’s videos are optimized and helps you do the same for your videos.


Here’s the info which you’ll see in each section-
  • Summary– View a breakdown of views, comments, likes, and dislikes.
  • SEO– See if suggested videos from the creator are appearing beside this video, where tags show in the title and description and search results for tags.
  • Social– Know if your video is shared on different social channels and how many times.
  • Channel– Find a quick look-out of the channel stats.
  • Tags– Find which tags have been used by creators for their video.

When you get your own content uploaded, you can employ a similar procedure to ensure you’ve used every possible optimization tactic and provided your video the best chance of ranking.


If you have a YouTube channel and want more & more subscribers, the most useful tactic would be to bring high-quality videos.

You can use a number of tools to make your videos more lucrative and attractive.

This article contains a list of 3 different YouTube video tools.

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