All the advertisers know the importance of Facebook ads conversion. These tricks help us in reaching the right audience for our business goals. It plays a vital role in getting you the right traffic to a specific ad. By using these 7 useful tricks you can greatly improve your Facebook ads conversion.

1) Target audience

It is the audience which is intended towards your ad. The best way to draw more traffic to your ad is to use basic targeting.
Targeting is necessary as it has proven beneficial in improving ad conversion on Facebook. You can target the audience according to gender, age, geographical location, interests, education, occupation or financial status. This way you can attract the right audience towards your ad because it is important to identify potential customers rather than attracting masses.

Types of audience:

Custom audience: It is the group generated from the preexisting audience. This is somewhat like remarketing and retargeting  yet more efficient way of targeting. Suppose if you have a list of email Ids of your existing audience, then you can upload that list on Facebook. And, Facebook will target the particular group of audience.
Lookalike audience: This is an extension of custom audience. You can create the new audience who have clicked on your website or liked the page. For example, if you want to sell international Sim cards then you just have to look for a list of people who are frequent travellers. You can upload the list while posting your ad on Facebook. This way you will attract right audience towards you Facebook Ad.

With the help of Interest Targeting, audience can be attracted. The image shown here describes that how convenient it is to target the audience as per their interests.

2) Ad Creative

The Facebook ad needs to be very creative so that it can entice audience towards it. It is human nature that we always get attracted towards the things which are more creative.
Elements which can help you in attracting eyeballs are Images, CTA (Call to Action), Heading and Value proposition. All these play an essential role in getting you the right traffic.
Why we prefer to use Creative Images in Facebook ads? Images play a significant role in drawing attention of audience towards the ad.

The ad needs to have an appealing headline or title because if the title will be attractive then it will help you in earning more clicks. The creative Ad Heading is lucrative as it helps you in reaching the target audience.
CTA is another important feature which makes your ad attractive as it helps you earn more clicks. You need to make sure that your CTA is creative and appealing.
Value Proposition should be clear cut so that audience can know the main motive behind your Facebook ad.

Facebook is constantly evolving into something bigger and better. Facebook is changing the Facebook Ads Image rules. It has specified a limit to number of texts in an image to let the advertisers reach their goal by attracting potential audience.

3) A/B Testing

It is the most important method to use if you want to improve your Facebook Ad Conversion. A/B Testing is a kind of Split testing. According to this you should always make multiple copies of your ads and then see that which ad gets more number of clicks.
You can test your ad by changing the image of the ad and keeping rest of the things same. This way you can analyze that with the help of which image your ad can earn more traffic. You have to constantly check conversions and performance of the ad that which ad helps you in earning more traffic and you can stick with the one.

It is not just about testing the image with the help of this you can also optimize the right audience. For example, you can set two different ads for one campaign and both the ads will target different audience.
Through this procedure, you can also bring traffic to your landing page.

4) Frequency Capping

It is one of the most important features which let you set the limit that how many times an ad will appear to the same person. By using this feature you can ensure that the ad is seen by different people.
It is said that for increasing brand awareness and putting long lasting impression on the audience, the ad should get displayed in front of them at least 3 times. It is not mandatory to display the ad three times in a day; it can be displayed three times in a week as well.

If your main objective is to generate leads but you do not have a great budget then what you need to do is set a frequency. This way you can earn more CTR. If your CTR (Click through Rate) gets higher then Facebook starts charging you less.

5) Make Separate Ad sets

In order to attract potential audience towards your ad you should make different Ad sets. With the help of this feature you can earn more number of clicks on your Facebook ad.

  • Mobile Newsfeed: Many people use Facebook on mobile so you can target them at the mobile newsfeed while they are scrolling down for latest updates. This ad costs rupees 10/click.
  • Desktop Newsfeed: With the help of this feature you can target the audience who are using Facebook on their desktop. The ad will appear on the newsfeed so there are chances that it will earn clicks.
  • Desktop RHS (Right hand Side): The ad will appear on the right side of the desktop. It has greater chances of attracting the target audience.
  • Mobile Audience Targeting: There are a lot of apps which are in trend. With the help of this feature you can post your ad on those apps and can earn audience network via mobile devices.
  • Instagram Ads: This is the new way of targeting audience on Instagram towards the ad.

The bidding strategy for every ad set varies greatly. It is never about how much you pay per click, it is about creating an impact on audience with the help of different ad sets.

6) Try Conversion Bid

It is actually helpful for beginners. This strategy is not so new but has proven to be of much use in Facebook Ad conversion.

With the help of this bidding strategy you do not have to pay for every click or conversion. You can set a CPL (Cost per Lead) or CPS (Cost per Scale) to your Facebook ad. Then your ad will be displayed to the people who will be attracted towards it. And you will end up earning good results.

The ad can be optimized with the help of this feature that means that the ad will be shown to people who are likely to buy it. The main objective behind this strategy is to increase conversion by setting an appropriate conversion bid.

7) Aim for High CTR

This gives the most fruitful results in Facebook Ads Conversion. Click Through Rate (CTR) is the most important thing in attracting target audience. CTR is how many people actually see the ad and how many end up clicking on it. One should always aim of gaining more CTR.

High CTR is a proof that your ad campaign is doing good. For example, two E-commerce websites are displaying ads for same products then Facebook will give more impressions to the one who has high CTR.

What matters the most in increasing the Facebook ads conversion is image of the ad as it grabs the attention of the user. Even the headline plays a crucial role in attracting more eyeballs. So in order to earn more clicks on the Facebook ads, use these strategies as it will improve Facebook ads conversion up to a great extent.

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