1) Google AdWords introducing Location Ad Extensions for retail manufacturers

Google AdWords introduced location extensions in 2009 to help advertisers promote and drive more foot traffic to their business locations directly from search ads.

Google now launching affiliate location extensions to help manufacturers drive customers to third-party U.S. retail locations that sell their products. This will be rolling out to advertisers over the next two weeks.

By endorsing retail locations in your search ads, you can make them more actionable and give customers appropriate local information to drive store visits and sales.

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2) Google roll out click-to-message ads on Google Search that connect users with companies over SMS

Google is introducing click-to-message ads to bring the productivity and efficiency of messaging to search ads. With this new tool, advertiser connects directly with customers over SMS through ads in Google Search.

Tapping on the texting option in an ad launches a user’s SMS app with a pre-written message tailored to the product or service they’re interested in. It gives advertisers a faster way to connect with customers on mobile and increase conversion rates.

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3. Google Extends Expanded Text Ads deadlines to January 31, 2017

Google’s expanded text ads, announced this past July, are 50% bigger than standard text ads. There was a relief at the early release too, because Google set an October 26 deadline, after which you would no longer be able to create standard text ads.

Now, the new deadline for standard text ads is January 31st, 2017. After that advertiser will no longer be able to edit standard text ads or create new ones.

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4. Google AdWords now allows one Email for multiple accounts

Google announced a new update that lets you switch between Google accounts without having to log out and log in again. Switch accounts and still stay logged into all of them.

To get started in AdWords, click on either the Customer ID or login email in AdWords to open what’s called the account selector. Managers can choose to add more accounts using the “Add Account” button.

This is an example of an apparently small change that will make a huge difference in user practice and efficiency.

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5. Google Extends its Remarketing lists to Search Partners

A good news for fans of Remarketing lists for search ads. Google extends its Remarketing lists for search ads to Google search partner traffic.

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) lets you to customize your search campaigns for people who’ve previously visited your website. To help you reach more people who have shown interest in your business, Google extending the reach of RLSA to Google search partner traffic.

This targeting can allow advertisers to influence non-traditional keywords by hitting a specific Audience familiar with the brand.

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6. Google AdWords: The New Google Merchant Center

Google introduced a new version of its Google Merchant Center that offers more efficient navigation and makes additional shopping programs easier to find.

Google Merchant Center is a tool which helps you to upload your product listings for use with Google Shopping, Google Product Ads, and Google Commerce Search. This is a paid for service powered by Google AdWords where you will pay per click when advertising your products on Google Shopping.

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7. Google AdWords unveiled new updates for a Mobile-First World

At the Google Performance Summit in May, Google unveiled the new updates for AdWords for a mobile-first world. : Expanded text ads and Responsive ads bring to life the canvas you use to connect with customers, while Device-specific bid adjustments provide more control and flexibility so you can improve with greater accuracy. These advances will begin rolling out in AdWords to all advertisers around the world.

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8. Google brought changed AdWords Device Bidding Implications for Advertisers

At Google’s Annual Performance Summit (GPS) 2016, held in San Francisco, Google showcased its reformatted AdWords Interface that consents advertisers to have the chance to modify paid search bids based on device.This feature update has been vehemently anticipated by advertisers on AdWords, engaging them with additional controls and campaign optimization opportunities.

The declaration in detail expresses that advertisers will have gained control and adaptability on particular mobile bids and the capacity to set individual bid adjustments for added devices including desktop and tablets.

Presently, as the traffic keeps on ascending in popularity on mobile and tablets, the capacity to gauge device particular measurements precisely is vital for campaign optimization and an advertiser can reach consumers across devices keeping up a solitary campaign.

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9. Finally, Google AdWords is getting remodeled for a Mobile-first World

Google has introduced primary major AdWords upgrade 15 years prior since its launch and has currently plugged into the mobile-first approach for advertisers attempting to achieve customers in a multi-device world. Today, mobile has turned into the intriguing issue in e-business deals at the moment as it works adequately to achieve purchasers and seeing the change, Google has chosen to line up advertising to a mobile-first world.

AdWords upgrade attempt integrates material outline and the configuration language that is at the center of Google applications like Maps, Search and Gmail. These AdWords updates mean to reflect customers’ want, how they need to shop and help the businesses that pay consideration on their decisions. However, the project is about to take one and a half year to get completed.

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10. AdWords Users can keep on Enjoying the Logged out Version of Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool

As Google has chosen to proceed with the Logged out version of Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool, all the AdWords users right there can keep utilizing the feature. It has likewise chosen to take a shot at the upgrades of logged out experience so that users can be served in a better way.

The AdWords Ad preview and Diagnostics tool, designed by Google allow users check the status of the advertisement and the way it is being shown to various searchers in various geographic areas, holding an extraordinary significance in the realm of marketing.

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