The glue of social media marketing can be kept effective with the adoption to the changing trends.

As customer’s need vary every year, so are the features of social media.

People behind every social media platform clearly watch online activities and prepare a strategy for every coming year.

There have been many successful launches in social media in 2018, and now the year has changed and as such marketers are eagerly for this year’s events.

Have a look on the list comprising top 7 social media trends!!!

1) Messaging will grow even more

Messaging apps would again be the roller coaster for marketers in 2019.

People love to discuss or chat in private messages on social media, and this is something gives them relax to their minds of having a secret word exchange.

Following 2017 trends, marketers believe that messaging is the first trend which will impact their social media strategies.

WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and of course Messenger are some of the main players of the messaging market.

Social Media 1

2) Social Ad Spend will be more

Social media is rising year after year and now social ads can be created in multiple channels and we have to decide the objectives and the type of ads to be run.

Businesses that use paid social have been found successful and therefore there is no surprise ad spend is growing across social marketers.

For instance, Instagram’s engagement level has attracted more social marketers to increase their ad spend to the channel, both on Stories and feed.

The increase of ad spend brings two points to the mind of marketers, one is increasing interest in the platform and another is increased cost to promote your business.

Instagram Feed and Stories have proven a good source for bringing the desired ROI for many brands, and even 2019 will probably see further increase to marketer’s social ad spend as well as ROI.

If you want to keep your 2019 bringing lots of luck for your business, focus on ad spend factor.

Social Media 2

3) Videos, podcasts, and live streaming

Blogs can still do charisma in 2019, and long-form content pieces can still engage readers when they’re properly formatted and attractive to facilitate the reading experience through all devices.

Content is not just limited to written texts; rather it also includes videos and podcasts.

For the inception of YouTube to the introduction of IGTV, social media has always highlighted video content.

Video marketing is turning out to be more appealing both for users as well as brands who find the content stands out.

Social Media 3

4) AR will be more in use

Social media and AR are making a good combination the last few years and it’s only a matter of time until we see an even more applied use to further channels.

AR has proven to be a boon for businesses in contemporary social marketing. The extensive use of AR technologies in Stories, Live and in respective feeds indicates that the technology is rock-solid.

In 2018, we saw numerous brands using AR technology to improve user experience offering 3600 view and many more features.

Augmented reality can offer fund, engagement and more actions to the customers for a brand, so in 2019 the AR would be more in use.

Social Media 5

5) Focus on social audience segmentation

Customers are the soul of business and understanding them customarily is an important part of the marketing strategy.

So, how would you focus on your customers (millions or billions)?

You can use customer segmentation method where you can segment your overall users/audiences in different sections.

You can segment your audience on different factors, like age, location, gender, profession and much more.

This will help you in understanding their requirements in a better way, and possibly resolving their queries and demands can be fruitful for your business.

Customer segmentation is one of the generic processes in advertising, so the method will be crucial all the time.

6) Selfie videos for branding will be on high

Selfie culture has been flourishing on social media and proving a boon for businesses.

Consumers look for reliability from the brands and that can easily be shown through selfie videos and branding can go to the next level.

These videos can help them establish trust among customers posting original, location-centric and genuine videos.

The trend of selfie videos is surely a rocking trend in 2019.

7) Influencer communities to grow more & more

Influencers are people who would be needed all the time for branding goals.

Influencer marketing would be a crucial trend for 2019 for preparing social marketing strategy.

Keep intriguing with your industry experts, influencers and similar people.

Social media 7


Social media ensures that you achieve high-end goals every year.

In 2018, there were numerous trends that rocked the social world.

Similarly, here are 7 social media trends to deliver great results in 2019.

Pay a look to them!!!

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