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12 Instagram Stories Stats You Need To Know Right Now



  1. There are 400 million users watching Stories on a daily basis.
  2. Instagram Stories is attracting big advertising budgets to the platform.
  3. 1 million monthly active advertisers have access to Instagram Stories Ads.
  4. Story Ads increase ad recall, purchase intent, message association, and CTR.
  5. Instagram (46%) and Facebook Stories (42%) users like a good giggle.
  6. Instagram Stories has more than 300 million people using it every day.
  7. Over 1/3 of Instagram users are using Instagram Stories every day.
  8. Instagram Stories led to a 15-40% decline in Snapchat Stories.
  9. Top Snapchat influencers posted 2X more on Instagram Stories across 30 days.
  10. Over 50% of businesses on Instagram made an Instagram Story.
  11. Instagram Stories has increased the amount of time spent on Instagram to 28 minutes.
  12. 70% of Instagram Stories are watched with the sound on.
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