Over 500 million people search in Google every day. SEO is not a thing you should ignore.

The strength of SEO is that, if you have a product that people are searching for, your site can act at the perfect moment – when they’re looking for it.

There are billions of pages on the internet. We use a search engine like Google to find appropriate information on the internet.

Google does a pretty decent job at returning us the best results. With search engines, you’re helping them find what they were looking for in the first place.

Not only will SEO strategy increase your visibility online, it also helps you convert the traffic on your site to potential customers.

This case study focuses on the SEO that made a great business impact on their one-to-one businesses.

#1 Industry: Travel & Tourism

The Travel industry gets a lot of attention from people searching for travel packages and finds new places. SEO strategies are important for the travel industry.


Maldive Traveller is a travel & tourism company having suffered from the online approach. The digital marketing was not working for them the way they needed it. They had to do something about it, so they approached a skilled company – Fatbit Technologies.

What they did?

  • Deep Industry analysis to make clear picture about product and user segmentation
  • Broad keyword research
  • Link building by placing links on the sites which are relevant and valued by search engines
  • Implementation of unique keywords on each page to optimize them



Key Results

  • Lead generation up by 153%
  • Bounce rate decrease by 64%
  • Pageviews per day improved by
  • Visitor per day up by 42.03%
  • 37% returning visitors
  • Average visit duration increased by 57%

#2 Industry: Manufacturing & Export Industry

Business offering manufacturing and export services can also benefit from SEO campaigns.  For places offering these services, it’s important to make sure their online presence gives them an advantage over competitors.


Garware Wall Ropes Ltd is India’s top & one of the world’s biggest manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Fishing Nets, Agro Shade Nets, Sports Nets, Ropes, Twines, Geosynthetics, etc.

Garware approached IKF communication for get Quality traffic to website & improve the user engagement, increase the number of enquiries and improve their online reputation across major search engines.

What they did?

  • Complete analysis of the website to check the lacking factors from SEO & user engagement perspective
  • The website content was updated taking into consideration the proper keyword density
  • Minute aspects of the website were considered and optimized. Proper Call to Action was implemented
  • Strategically listed business for various locations of Garware Wall Ropes on Google and Bing Places, which helped boost the ranking of local search keywords
  • This helped attract new visits to the website and acquire quality leads
  • Competitor analysis also played a key role to understand the current status of the website



Key Results

  • 06% keywords were in top 5 Rank
  • 01% increase in no. of leads per month from across the globe
  • 49% of the selected keywords were in top 2 pages
  • 97% increase in website traffic
  • 82% increase in the pageviews

#3 Industry: Chemical Industry

Chemical industries are also capable of taking advantage of SEO to greatly improve their business. People looking for specific types of chemical industry can find them with adequately optimized ads. A complete SEO campaign will help your company gain more visibility than competing industries.


Lab Express is a global name in the lab and industry chemicals. It has been active industry since 1998 and has partnered with Fortune 500 companies.

Lab express come in touch with Fitbit Technologies to ensure that manufacturers and firms making chemicals related searches are able to reach its website.

What they did?

  • Detailed SEO report highlighted steps to be taken to improve search engine performance.
  • Suggested creation of landing pages for better keyword targeting
  • Inclusion of more related content for keyword targeting
  • Optimized such chemicals for the website to bring more clients
  • Suggested frequent content updations for better indexing



Key Results

  • 137% increase in Non-branded traffic
  • Increase in inbound links by 80%
  • Bounce rate declined by 59.38%
  • Average visit duration up by 61%
  • 87% more returning visitors


In summary, the above study clearly shows the various significant improvements in the different industries in the business niche.

Increased number of visitors, growth in the total traffic and an upward trend in the rates of conversion are all evidence that SEO is an effective tool in taking your business places.

You only have to get the right professionals to do it. It’s a long game, so the sooner you start, the further ahead you’ll be.

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