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Why Blogging Has Become a New Buzz for Young Job Seekers

By DSIM Team / 21/04/2014
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Last updated on November 28th, 2016 at 04:24 pm

Working hard to get a job? Right!

Must be wandering what to pursue to get a job that’s really going to pay you well and is equally promising in terms of learning as well?

I have an option for you but then if you kind of love writing and have flair for it!


Yes! Blogging that used to be a platform for people to write their thoughts have now become an online business! It has taken the shape of an individual worldwide industry at present.

Besides, the best thing is you don’t need any extra qualification for blogging however all you need is creativity and that flair for writing. It’s as simple as that!

However let me tell you why blogging is a way better than studying for a job. Below are a few reasons to answer this question.

A Google program where you can host pay-per-click ads on your Website, Adsense lets you earn money when someone clicks on these ads. It’s as simple as that! You can easily earn big money through your blog and if you already have a blog with a devoted following, it even becomes easier for you to earn good revenue through your blog. Ad networks such as Google AdSense pay big money to place their ads on your site as you get paid every time someone clicks on the ads. You can of course go ahead and let the ads occupy every spare pixel on your site however, if you place your ads well maintaining their relevancy to the interest of the readers, you will possibly make a better income from your site.

Here is an example of a site- ‘howtocleananything.com’ performing wonderfully well in Google adsense. As you can see how ads related to the content are being displayed by Google on this blog that’s genuinely educating people about things related with a certain topic through good and informative content.

If you have flair for witting then you can utilize it for earning big income through blogging. Blogging not only helps you earn money through adsense but you can also make money by writing blog for other sites, which also brings traffic to your personal blog. The more traffic you have on your blog, the better results you get in all the aspects. Besides, there are various ways you can earn money through blogging such as by writing as reviewer, financial analyst, commentator and more. As far as creating a blog is concerned, you don’t even need to pay anything and can start a completely free blog on either WordPress or Blogger.


Blogging not just helps you earn money but you also get to learn a lot through it. It develops your writing skills, interpersonal skills, marketing skills, Entrepreneurial Skills and even programming skill at times; although the key Mantra behind all this is that you do a lot of research while writing. Besides, they say that ‘practice makes a man perfect. And that, the more skilled you are, the more projects you get from everywhere!

The Bottom Line
If you want to earn and also learn while earn, blogging indubitably is an ultimate platform for you!

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