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Deciding upon right Internet Marketing Mix.

Deciding upon right Internet Marketing Mix. What is internet marketing? Internet marketing is finding your right target market on internet, reaching them, proposing value by communicating and generating business on internet. Online marketers uses various internet marketing components like search engine optimization (seo), social media marketing, search engine marketing, online advertising and email marketing to […]

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Starting with affiliate marketing

The idea of revenue sharing gave birth to affiliate marketing. Some websites selling their products online, use this idea to provide rewards for affiliate`s marketing efforts. This effort can be performing sales or encouraging someone to participate in such event. This reward can be in cash as well as other compensations like discounts and gifts. […]

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Essentials of seo training program

When Google launched first search engine, they themselves had never imagined the scope of such technology. Google search engine searches website, images, files etc. depending upon the requested keywords. It can search millions of results in few seconds displaying ten results on a single page at a time called SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Now […]

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Understanding Online Advertising

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The effectiveness of present online advertisement is usually measured by banner ad click through rates. A banner ad takes a user directly to the target site where one will make a transaction. However, banners are not only option that can be employed in online advertisement. Ads can also be published in the form of video/audio […]

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Importance Of Internet Marketing

Importance of Internet Marketing Starting with papers, present world is now based on digital applications. Organizations and customers, both are now equipped with computers and PDAs powered by high speed internet service. This technology change had created new gateways of one-to-one relations and mass population reach. This mutual benefit boomed internet marketing in 21st century. […]

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Internet Marketing Course Content

Internet Marketing Course Content: We integrated seven courses which are designed to give individuals both option, job as well as freelancing. The syllabus is designed in such a way that it fulfills the requirement of job in initial phase and then focus on teaching entrepreneur skills in the second phase. Each and every part of […]

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Origin Of Internet Marketing

“When HotWired decided to make money from their website in 1994, they set in motion events that would come back to haunt us all: The creation of banner ads.” After that there is a long tale. Companies started to know the importance of internet, since it was able to fulfill their basic and most important […]

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Blogging & Adsense

Blogging & Adsense According to many people, blogging is just used for the personal reasons, which is far from being true. At the Institute of Advancement, we run adsense training program where we help people to understand the diverse benefits of blogging and how it can be effectively used as an excellent marketing tool for […]

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Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing With the power of internet reaching a new height, it is essential to understand different strategies that can generate revenues and increase the profit margin of the business. Affiliate marketing is such a technique that can establish that business objective and help you to attain great success. Learn affiliate marketing skills and gain […]

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is an integral form of marketing that makes use of social media as a platform to market or promote products, services, events, etc. This concept of marketing has a wide reach as anyone can access the platform and enter into direct conversation with the customers and create a brand […]

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search engine optimization, SEO There are thousands of websites that do not generate sufficient traffic, which ultimately leads to the failure. In some websites, there are good products, services, reviews, tutorials, tools, content and almost everything and in spite of that such sites fail to draw traffic. Have you ever wondered why such thing happens? […]

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